Young football team

I can see the improvement, but we’re just a young football team that makes mistakes we’re not good enough to overcome.

Just like Ole Miss…

I think we have a QB.

Ole miss young also. Difference is their offensive coordinator is a former head coach that has been there done that. Our offensive coordinator hasn’t done squat Way over his head.

I am sorry, they do not look much better at all to me. It is still hard to watch us keep shooting ourself in the foot.

Sad Part is this is the only game OM will win and we are waty worse than them…going to be a LONG time before we are ecven competitive…

Last year before we played North Texas I posted on this board they were much better and we’d get beat.

I have another one for you.

Colorado State is better than us. They are much better with Colin Hill at QB then when we played them last year.

1-2 is very possible .

I watched them play Colorado. We can’t beat them unless we play much better than the first two games.

Colorado State is a good team.

If we play like tonight we’ll get worked over like a rented mule

Going to be a long season!