Young D Linemen

Two young linemen I expected to be in the rotation were Armon Watts who played some last year and TJ Smith. What’s the story on these two and do they figure in to the plan going forward?

Agim and Capps have moved ahead of them. I will be surprised if Briston Guidry isn’t a big contributor next year.

I think Watts and Smith have ability. But Agim is a 5 star and Capps is a 4 star. Both have more ability. The top three at NT are Taiwan, Capps and Bijohn. The top 3 at three technique (weakside) are Ledbetter, Agim and then Smith. But you may see Guidry move to the top of the list at the three technique in the spring. If his knee had been healthy when he reported, I think he would have played this year.

Clay: What are the odds that we get Sosa back out to playing DE when Guidry takes over that three technique? Wan’t TJ also a DE? Why do we get these DEs and then stick them on the interior?

Stars matter, particularly in SEC West right now.