Well what did you think about the game today?

I thought we played okay didn’t hit the ball really all that well competitions obviously very poor so just business as usual.good for our young pictchers to get out there and get some good innings in though… I believe we will go with Harris for the DH McFarland has a good swing he just misses too much.

I don’t think Plunkett brings much to the offense and he doesn’t impress me behind the plate either. McFarland can’t hit under pressure. Bases juiced and nothing! Useless to put him in the lineup. Harris is a good option. What do you think about Washington?

Washington struggle hitting the curve ball and once they found that out that’s all they threw him he will have to learn to lay off that but it’s hard to do when you’re not playing. I like him being aggressive just needs to learn to strike zone little better

He is good enough to pick up the spin and adjust. He has real good hands and quick!
It appears between Franklin, Nesbit (RS), and Washington we have a core of good position player in this years class to build around for next season. Of course we will have Casey and Heston one more year.
Franklin can already hit the mistake curve and lays off a lot of pitches out of the zone. He swings at a few outside and low but not that many.