You’re the OL guy on here…

What’s your take on the 6’11” kid? I mean he’s a monster and Skipper did OK

What are the pros and cons of being that tall? Are their concerns with, not sure how to put this, but being out-leveraged?

I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not down on the guy… if he can play bring him on I’m just somewhat fascinated by someone that tall on the OL

My question is, and I had it with Skipper as well, is can he hoop?

I think with a OL that tall you have to be concerned about run blocking b/c it very hard for them to get leverage and be able to drive block so they have a hard time run blocking b/c of that but on the positive side they are usually very good pass blockers b/c with those long arms its very hard for a defender to get to their body once they set up and provided they have good agility they are excellent in pass pro. There are always exceptions to every rule but that is usually how it works with really tall OL.

I saw some of his film before it went private but can’t remember much about it since its been a good while back. I think he could work out,sure can’t any worse than what we saw this yr IMO…I say get him in the weight room and turn him loose!!

It’s about getting pad level right. Can they bend their knees and hips? If they can, it can work out fine.

It’s no different than when Glen Ray Hines played at 6-7 and defensive players were 5-10 and 5-11. He had to bend and keep them from playing under and through him. Being six inches taller than your opponent works both for and against you at times.

Exactly Clay if they are very flexible and can get down that low they can be effective but it’s very rare that they are… was a big 6 9 offensive lineman that went pro for a few years ago could do it I know Skipper never was a very good run blocker because he could not Bend good enough. I think he’s worth taking a look at for sure.

I would think he be more suited on the Dline in passing situations & swatting down passes if he isn’t quick enough to make a rush.

In today’s game, just the opposite; there is a premium on speed in the DL. The days of just being an immovable block of granite at that position are long gone. Only exception is very short yardage (goal line) situations.

And in pass rushing situations, realize that being so tall would enable offensive linemen to more easily cut-block them if all they did was rush with their hands up high.

I just question the risk vs reward.

High risk he doesn’t work out, because he’s just way too big.

Lineman not working out is why our line is so bad.

I know everyone likes to look at things positively, but honestly, it’s probably like a 90% chance he’s too big and never ends up being any good. That’s just the way I see it.
There’s such a thing as too big in all sports, he’s the biggest OL I’ve ever heard of.

Only thing left for the man then is block FG’s like Skipper did