Did you notice Casey Martin took that pitch to right field in that one AB but failed to let the ball get deep enough to drive it! That was by far his best AB of the game.
I hope his knee is ok!

Yes he kept his head on the ball a lot better that time and drove it deep to right hopefully he can come out of that slump tomorrow we will need him…

It was nice to see Heston go yard, and have the single for 3 RBI’s. The last single he tried to stretch into a double he missed another homer by about 8 feet. I hope he learns to read that better I hated to see him get thrown out at 2nd.
The ball Nesbit hit was crushed. He can hit with more power than I expected.
Fletcher drove his homer off the a low golf shot.
The contacts have changed my thoughts on Goodheart. Man he is stroking the ball.
Good offensive game.
Campbell didn’t have his best tonight but he pitched to contact and got outs. When he needed a strikeout he got them.
I sure wanted the shutout!

You hit one off the fence, you expect a double, and with a double-digit lead he had no reason to play it conservatively. Right fielder played it very well and made an excellent throw. Sometimes the defense makes a play and you just tip your cap. I’m reminded of the play we made against Florida last year. Runner on second, liner to center, Fletcher made a diving catch, got up and threw out the runner trying to tag up and go to third.

Well you do have a point Swine. The RF made a great play on the ball off the wall and made a great throw.