I lost my signal my video What’s going on now?

Southern Cal walkoff - Hogs lose 6-4.

Serious! Well that’s baseball.

yeah 2 out hit tied off Wicklander and we bring in Denton and they go yd for the win…we had our chances should have won 3-2 if we can catch a freaking pop up!!happy we won the series though its early but I like the way the team battles.

Agreed. I like the way they compete.

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Thanks Marty. Were you at the game?
I couldn’t get anything to work with the weather. It was a little rough.
What’s your opinion on the pitching Marty?

Marty’s tweets always give me clue as to whether I can relax or not. The tweets are about 15 seconds ahead of the streaming video. So when a tweet pops up and gives the end of inning stats, I know whether the pitcher or batter has come through.

No. I sat in my living room watching the constantly freezing video stream and trying to keep up with the pitch counts as they kept changing (give me back the regular Phil, please.)

I’m a very poor judge of pitching as I don’t seem to see pitches that well. But I’ve been impressed with the effectiveness of the staff so far. It’s early and probably too soon to tell, but I like the attitude that I’ve seen so far.

That’s because I listen to the radio stream which is ahead. I then input it into my scoring app which automatically sends the tweets. Since I don’t have to type in the tweet, my stuff is ahead of other tweets.

Thanks Marty. I’ve thought the same thing about our pitching staff.

Great to hear that from you.

If Marty thinks the pitching looks good it’s a positive sign. I just hope we have a competive team in conference play. If we play like we did last year at home and can win a few series on the road it would justify at least a regional.

Marty, you are always ahead of my tweets!