Youdaman, Miss State and OU are bringing Brady Ward in for officials

I know we have to trust that CSP has a good reason for moving on! This kid seems pretty good, at a minimum par with what OL the Hogs have signed 2016-2019? Would you surmise that in addition to Curry, CSP must have some good indications of who we might finish the 2020 class with?

Yes he knows what he’s doing for sure,Henderson,Scott,St John are IMO more what he’s looking for…will not be long before we have the kind of offensive line we need to make the next step.

Ward was getting looked at by CSP while at Georgia, too. He definitely knows about Ward. If he’s not bringing him in, there’s good reason. I trust our two OL coaches over literally every other staff in the country.

I trust them as well, but dang, Bedenbaugh is a heck of a coach too.

I expect Arkansas to sign Scott and St. Johns. I expect Henderson to sign with UGA, (Matt Luke) Where he is taking an OV January 31.

I think Broderick Jones will sign with UGA, but I also think that could be the biggest surprise of NSD and he signs with Arkansas.

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