Youdaman got me thinking; Clay, can you get Gage and JWRIGHT back on this board!! There’re a few missing we need to go recruit. Maybe we can even find JacksonHog down in MS to start posting on BBall again. Please, folks, add to the list. Where are they?

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JWRIGHT is like a family member to me. I will tell him you asked.

We also need Seattle to return to the basketball board!


But you’ve got me for basketball! Am I not good enough?! HAHAHA!

But it’s always good to have others to confirm your (correct) views.:grin:

I see both JGage and Shannon Wright all the time. Both are still active fans.

I had dinner with Jeremiah on Friday night and again for lunch before he headed back to Colorado. He’s got a 3-year-old son and a job that takes him over seas often. He is busy, busy, busy. Gage is like family to me. He reads stuff, but he just doesn’t slow down to post much. I get it. Family, job, etc.

Wright is around all the time, but doesn’t post so much anymore. I think he sees the site. He tells me about stories he reads, so that is proof.

I talked to Youdaman today. Don’t worry about Billy. He’ll be around. He loves the Hogs too much. But he needs a little break.


Yup, Clay nailed it about Wright. He sits with me at the Catfish Hole for the coach show and often goes to the Hog Walk at the same time that I do. He does read the board, but seldom posts anymore.

He and I, along with AZHawg went to the soccer game on Sunday, then Wright and I went to watch the baseball scrimmage.

I still read the board quite a bit. After Petrino and B wouldnt take my advice on hiring assistant coaches and how to recruit I thought i better find better employment. Everything Clay said above is correct. When I am not overseas, I stay home and spend time with the family and watch Wyatt grow like a weed!


I saw Wright at a baseball scrimmage a couple of weeks ago. He was nice enough to offer my wife a chair and not run away when my son started screaming. :smile:

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Gage is good at giving advice. What he’s never done well is hand me the right fly on the river. So be careful when he tells you something, he may be trying to set you up for something. Just kidding. There was a time that he could pick the right fly better than me. That has slowly changed as I fished more than he does. When Wyatt is old enough to go fly fishing, I know what’s going to happen: we will have three (or four if Ginger joins us) in the river.

Great to hear from you JGage. Sounds to me that you have your priorities in order.

Just keep Clay on the straight & narrow.

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I sat beside 3-year-old Wyatt at lunch on Sunday. I kept turning his tablet (with the transformers fighting) towards me chair. He frowned and stuck out his lip. Reminded me of when I’d see Jeremiah’s tippet break on a big brown years ago on the Norfork River.

Gage is big-time now. It’s funny. We were young pups when we started on the HI boards years/decades ago. I guess we are old-timers.

I miss my friend. I haven’t seen him in decades. There was a time when we had all the answers for Razorback sports. I bet we still do. The losing has certainly gotten old—like us.

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I read a lot but don’t post. To many posters on here with agendas. When people start reporting posters because they are butthurt, it’s not worth it. It has even leaked into the posters/moderators, some of those have went on power trips.

Not saying you’re right or wrong, but vs. other boards, I think it’s pretty respectful here.

Todd who is Jackson is actually back in Arkansas because he had a stroke and is recovering with more family in and around NLR than in MS. Todd is much better but it was a bad stroke and the worst form of stroke for future risk (hemorrhagic from HTN).

I liked Todd. Had some interesting phone conversations back in 98-99.