Youdaman, did you notice?

In Scottie’s practice article last night, our LT was Cunningham, RG was Stromberg (LG was Adcock).

I love it and know you do too.


I did notice that and think its a good move,not real sure Jackson is healthy enough to get the job done,

For what it’s worth, that same group (Cunningham, Adcock, Clary, Stromberg, Wagner) made up the first team offensive line in both open workouts last week, too.

Yes I did notice that,so we will see how if they keep it that way.

My understanding, which is based entirely upon Scottie/DD/Clay’s writing, is that the coaches are trying to rest Jackson/Capps and get them ready for Saturdays. Thus the lineup that YOudaman and I love, during the week.

However, Jackson has just not been able to stay healthy for long, so I think this mid-week OL is great preparation for an eventual gameday lineup of cunningham/capps/clary/stromberg/wagner.

Now if we could just keep continuity…and learn how to snap a ball to the QB in a normal fashion!