Youdaman, As Our Resident OL Coach

What did you see from Clary at center tonight?

I thought he didn’t handle the stunts very well tonight. I thought him and the guards were not on same page very much.

Many times they would try to double team and leave middle open to stunt or blitz.

Tackles were just awful tonight. Just no other way to describe it.

Auburn had a ton of pressure up the middle. I would be willing to bet the majority of Storey’s rushing yards came on plays that collapsed in the interior of the line.

I expected MUCH worse so I see something to build on.

I thought he did ok for his 1st game.they were bringing a lot of pressure and as we have to practice Blitz pickup every single day because the communication between guards and centers is very crucial.

The old saying goes if a Defender crosses your face he’s no longer your man you must keep your shoulder Square to the line of scrimmage because once you turn your shoulder your too late to pick up the linebackers coming over the top.
What I saw the biggest problem was is our tackles particularly Wallace are awful and I do not know why we didn’t have a tight end to help him.

I thought Ty did a decent job at run blocking, some of his snaps were a little bit off but that’s to be expected I like the move of froholdt to guard because that’s his natural position, he made a difference in the Run game but he made quite a few mistakes and Blitz pick up himself.

I saw some improvement in the Run game against a very very good defensive line but in the pass game we have to have more answers as a staff for the Blitz they have to pay for that and we did not make them pay

I know it’s tough right now but we need to settle on our O-line men and where they are going to play and get them as many reps as possible at that position, my two cents worth . WPS

I am really upset with the play of Wallace. The light came on for him but he doesn’t have the desire to keep it on…even to look good for the NFL in his SR year. If you are looking for more than a chip block to help Wallace and Jackson; Cantrell is the only decent blocking TE with Patton being pretty weak and inconsistent. I have given up on O’Grady after some crappy play in the first quarter.

The Oline has been shifted all over the place last year and again this year so these guys can’t get any continuity. The Oline may get better with a stable starting five and the return of Jackson. We have to pray that Clary picks up Center, Capps continues to improve and Jackson improves. Sadly, Gibson had some breakdowns and Wallace looked like he did last year at times. Improvement really is a function of recruiting.

I just did the depth chart revisions in our magazine for the upcoming game.

Here is how it looks now:

RT - Brian Wallace, Dalton Wagner
RG - Johnny Gibson, Kirby Adcock
C - Ty Clary, Shane Clenin
LG = Hjalte Froholdt, Austin Capps
LT - Colton Jackson, Noah Gatlin


Seniors (3)
Wallace, Gibson and Froholt

Juniors (2)
Capps and Jackson

Sophomores (1)

Ty Clary

Redshirt Freshmen (3)
Shane Clenin, Dalton Wagner, Kirby Adcock

True Freshmen (1)
Noah Gatlin

I saw Wagner was in some last night in relief of Wallace…I wonder what the gap is between those two? If it’s small I wish the staff would consider making a change and, again, build for the future rather than continuing to play a struggling senior who’s window is rapidly closing.

I think the missed two weeks ago in preseaon set Wagner back.

I’m not sure he will pass Wallace this season, but certainly will get some time for the future.

well I hate to say it b/c I knows he trying his best but Wallace is awful…just has terrible feet which shocks me with all the weight he lost and is now a very medicore run blocker b/c of it…I really dont know why we didnt have a TE help him . we are going to have to widen our splits and make it further for the DE to have to go(what TT did under Mike leach) It is what is is Neither He nor Jackson are very good and inside we just had some issues which turned some LBs loose.we will get better b/c froholdt will get back in form pretty quickly.

I have some hope that Jackson is going to play better as he continues to regain his health- he did come back very fast from back surgery. I’m not expecting brilliance, but I do think a bit more patience is in order since he’s had only had one game post weight loss and surgery so far. The whole unit will benefit if we can finally start the same five three weeks in a row.

If Capps can’t win a starting job in these first four games I wish they would just redshirt him and give him a chance to be a good guard as a redshirt junior and senior. Right now moving him to OL has had little benefit for this season, and being a back up for the rest of this year seems like a pretty short-sighted way to treat a guy who was willing to help the team by switching sides of the ball.

I agree getting a steady starting 5 will help in continuity for sure.Jackson will indeed get better but he has always had some trouble in Pass blocking its why I hope we go to a quicker pass game.

Gatlin, Capps and Clenin are solid depth but I’m not sure that Adcock or Wagner are up to the same standards. We played Gatlin, Clenin and Adcock during the injuries to Jackson and losing Malone. I think we have to start playing the back ups a lot when games are out of control so that we have some good experience before spring practice. I think Wagner, Adcock and Capps need tons of reps in live action of games

Next Year’s Oline foundation before RS, HS and JUCOs are added:
RT - Dalton Wagner
RG - Kirby Adcock
C - Ty Clary, Shane Clenin could be a stud but where?
LG - Austin Capps
LT - Colton Jackson, Noah Gatlin to LT or RT?

OK all of you O-line experts, against North Texas, they rushed three against our five blockers. I criticized Gibson for one play where he was backing up, maintaining the pocket integrity. The center and left guard doubled the nose man. The tackles blocked the outside rusher by themselves, Gibson never went to the aid of the left tackle, and he got beat for the sack. Should Gibson have left his spot in the line and helped the right tackle?

No he’s to help the center with the nose guard and then the right tackle with the DE unless they bring a linebacker to his side
the left guard has the same responsibilities on the other side. It’s possible but I never wanted my lineman to cross in front of the face of the quarterback

So, as George Burke, my favorite high school coach, used to say: “He should have hit somebody!”

Not sure how you can make an assessment on Wagner until he has a body of work to look at and make a call.

After all, he would have started at RT except for the appendectomy

RT or LT?

Wagner has gone through a transformation of his body and a RS season that have created a need for renewed experience with a new body and techniques. I think he Capps and Adcock need lots of snaps because they are needing development physically and mentally.