You want to know what was a mess?

The discussions of the SECT format, with games at midnight and the switch from single- to double-elimination and back, reminded me of a couple of other baseball formats that were a huge mess.

When we started going to the NCAAT in 1979, there were no supers but there were eight 6-team regionals. A six-team double-elimination tournament is a huge mess, cramming up to 11 games into a weekend. A first-round winner would have its second game against a team that lost its opener. No idea how they decided which first round winner got that task.

Then there was the CWS format. Instead of two four-team pools, they did double elim with the entire 8 team field. Which is how we came to be playing Fullerton twice in three days with the chance to eliminate them both times, when we had not lost yet before the first game. If we had beaten Fullerton the first night, we would have been playing Pepperdine in the final, needing only to win once out of two games.

Swine that is also stupid!