You think losing to Vandy was bad?

Wisky just lost to Nebraska, #148 in NET. At home. Could that knock them down a seed line? Maybe.

And Houston got drilled by Tiger High. Considering that Houston is right below us for the last 4 seed on the Matrix, could be important.

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Nebraska was 38 spots BELOW Hofstra in the NET rating this morning. Wisky is 4-2 in Q3 games, and both losses at home (Rutgers and Nebraska).

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Well, Vandy was a better team than the Hogs in early January. We were having huge challenges getting the team to gell and figuring out how best to use the players. Vandy had a star point guard, we lost Tate, had to reengineer Notae and had a center that did not score points - and we did not have a replacement for Moody. Frankly, I wasn’t surprised we lost to Vandy, we almost lost to “East Central” whoever there are.

But, the progress since the first week of January has been remarkable, so much so, that our guys almost won at UT, without our best defensive player. Wow.


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