You read it here first

Arkansas wins the SEC tournament to go to the NCAA tournament.


Bold prediction General.

Hope you are right.

I just have a feeling something spectacular is going to happen that will blow our fans and this program away! I just feel it in my bones!

Playing 4 games in 4 days! No way. 3 games of their is an eclipse maybe. Playing defense like they did tonight they won’t beat anybody. I just wonder why we can’t rebound and continue to give our opponents multiple shots each possession.
Too many problems with this young bunch.

I don’t know about winning the SEC tournament, but wouldn’t surprise me if we went on another 3 game winning streak here starting Saturday.

As a lot of young teams do, we play up and down to our talent level. There’s no way we should be able to beat LSU on the road and almost beat Texas Tech and then not beat South Carolina and Mizzou. Auburn hasn’t been as great as most thought, It wouldn’t surprise me if guys were extra fired up for that game and pulled an upset on them. We tend to play well in Auburn’s arena. These last few games are going to be a serious roller coaster ride.

This team may lose first game and lose first game in NIT. Have you watched this team play? They have zero ability to effectively rebound on the defensive end, their coach has zero ability to diagram a half-court offensive play, they all collapse against a driving player who just kicks it out for a wide open 3 time after time. Look at how they start games…more often than not they are behind most of the first half. There are 5-6 teams in the sec tourney that will beat the hogs by 10-15 points at least. Year 8 of MA and this program has really not improved. A few one and dones in the ncaa tourney in 8 years is not what I thought would happen. His style is ineffective and he can’t adapt and obviously can’t learn.

I had high hopes when he came, but I’m starting to feel the same way.

The Hogs winning the SEC Tournament this season seems to be as logical as The Green New Deal.

Go Hogs!

Blah, blah, blah, people have been making the same comments from day one to now. The vast majority have been proven wrong. One off year doesn’t a career make. Refer to another thread about the whole “year 8” debate, it’s getting old.

Please inform the SEC Refs of your revelation.

Blah, blah, blah, is right

But the “blahing” is just as loud from the apologists for this program being where it is.

And honestly, your comment of “one off year” is mind boggling. Did you think the Emperor’s new clothes were nice?

And where is the program? Huh? Again, one bad year so far doesn’t equate that this is the normal for the program or that the program is on a consistent slide.

And how is my comment mind boggling? Except for one year previously, we’ve gotten consistently better and been consistent fixtures in the NCAA tournament. This year looks like that might not happen. So where am I wrong?

It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just one off year, but when this is the 5th out of 8 years you don’t make the NCAA tournament then it is a big deal. Or even if we had a sweet sixteen or two in those 3 NCAA tournament appearances it wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

ARGH!!! Too many of you are ignoring key facts that have been discussed to death to make these claims. It’s exhausting going over this stuff over and over again.

It is exhausting not making the NCAA tournament the majority of the time and when you do make it not doing anything. Maybe you enjoy going to the tournament only 38% of the time.

Maybe opening your mind to see the bigger picture would help instead of narrowing your scope.

Maybe you should take your own advice!

Y’all do realize this is the only message board where we have strong Anderson defenders. It’s as if fans aren’t allowed to judge his body of work here. If you think after what will be 9 seasons next year with likely 3 NCAA appearances is good enough then most fans will disagree with you. Mike isn’t Nolan we all get that, the game has changed…people blame this season on youth, well, that’s what happens when roster turnover especially at guard is so high. He doesn’t cheat and that’s something to proud of, but recruiting has not met needs. He has put on back on solid ground and for that I am grateful. But I would prefer to be getting to dance being the norm rather than the exception around here. He gets next year and we’ll see what happens.

No it’s not, I’m on other social media outlets where there are a lot of Anderson supporters.

As for judging Anderson, I’m all for judging Anderson. Go to the game thread last night and I knocked Anderson for calling a play for Gafford to win the game. Not saying he couldn’t but we have gone to Gafford multiple times in close games like this and for different reasons, we’ve lost all of them. Going to one of our guards was in my opinion the better option. So I’m all for judging Anderson’s body of work, but I wish it was done fairly. Anderson’s not perfect and he has made mistakes, but he too often gets judged unfairly for issues beyond his control. Being the leader of the team, I understand he’s going to take the brunt of the blame and he knows that as well, but we on these boards should be able to discuss rationally Anderson’s body of work without using platitudes or hyperbole, which happens WAY too often.

3 of the last 4 years isn’t an exception. This year looks like that might not happen, but the fast few years, that’s been the exception.