You play with fire you will get burnt

You could see this crap coming a mile away! Kept dodging bullets after bullet and the same time making their pictures look like all Americans!! Frustrating to watch that game unfold the way you thought it would.

I feel your pain, man!

5 pitchers in the top of the 9th!
Still can’t get anybody out, with bases loaded.
Well, finally! They turn a DP!

Good job by Lee yo hold them yo a one run lead.
Now let’s win this thing!!

A very frustrating game. We had so many chances to pad that lead. Jax got robbed of the HR, then getting 2 on with 0 outs & not getting a run…But I knew going into the 9th our 1 run lead wasn’t safe. Letting that leadoff hitter on with Rooker right behind him was bad. Then giving Rooker a pitch to hit…

I thought we had a chance when we ended up giving up only 2 runs after it looked like it could have been a big inning, but then we fail to get our first 2 hitters on base. Even being down just 1 run is hard to overcome when that happens. Finally get one on & we get the fly ball out. Painful loss.

Hope to win tonight. Not optimistic. Going 0-2 won’t help our chances to host. Might not cost us the host spot, but could.

And then.
Boom the Hogs (Spanberger) rocks the place.