You people who make sweeping

Proclamations based on one game are really bizarre. It’s one game. Very frustrating? Sure. But cmon.

Look around the country. It’s basketball. Teams lose games.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth is ignorant.

If it WERE one game you would be correct.

But it is not.

This is a repeated pattern of performance for many years.

Actually it isn’t. In 2014, we won a ton of games and many of the same posters complained nonstop, from start to finish and enjoyed exactly none of it. You were one of them.

One out of what? Four or five?

You better check that.
I was absolutely not one of them.

In 2014.

But what we are seeing presently IS a repeated pattern.
2014 was an aberration not the norm. If you don’t see that there is something wrong.

I mean if we’re playing that game, 2 out of what, 16, 17?

I’m frustrated. But, I also watch lots of basketball. This team will win a lot of games. You all won’t say jack when they do.

And when they lose you’ll cry a river.

That is bs. When they play well a lot of us post. Yes they’ll win some games but just as you are sick of those who are critical when we play like this, it’s fairly sickening when those who think we do no wrong. You must be watching a different game than most.

y’all should focus your debate on if this team will win a lot of games ON THE ROAD. the committee is sick of jeff longs home heavy cupcake schedule. 22 wins won’t get us in the big dance. rightfully so. and we can’t learn to win a tough road game because we only get one per year before conference play.

According to, today is just the 14th true road game the Hogs have played in the month of November in the last 85 years (went 5-8 in previous 13 games).

But, yeah. it’s a new thing. And, big name programs are clamoring to play us right now. Don’t let facts get in your way.

wait are you trying to say that we do play a lot of non con road games with that 14 in 85 years number?

Nobody likes to read constant complainers and flamers and those are easy enough to disregard. But that’s not what I’ve been seeing here. I’m seeing and hearing many long time posters and Hog Basketball fans express legitimate concerns about the state and direction of the program at this point.

I get it. One early season road loss does not a season break. But from what I’ve seen so far this year (which includes attending all home games and watching what I could stomach of this one), I would say that questions and concerns about performance to date and overall state of the program are more than fair game.

Anyone who believes one game like this against a Minneaota is ok need adjust program expectations or perhaps reveals very little expectstions in year four for a coach/program.

I believe AR should never miss an NCAA tourney.

I believe Mike, whom I have robustly supported, is one for three or one for four in even making ncaa tourney over his career.

Seems some semblance of questioning can be allowed at this stage.

Sure. Concerns are fair. Absolutely.

Go back and read the posts and tell me there weren’t lots of over-the-top flames.

And, several of them are the same 3-4 guys who show up as soon as we get down and beat the drum, throughout.

If we’re winning? Nothing.

Semblance of questioning? Absolutely. Shock and declarations that we have no players and are clueless (based on this one game bc you haven’t bothered to watch any others)? That’s a bit much.

Read the recap of the game above. Now please tell me what andersons record is against power 5 teams non conference on the road. This is not concerning? Could this be indicative of a system that is the ineffective on the road. We all love hawg basketball. Just question the results. And btw, I thought this team could be elite 8 potentially. I forgot who was coaching. Hope he disproves me, but tonight’s game surely didn’t do anything but confirm that the trend as stated by the reporter who wrote article.

And come March you end up a bubble team this type loss does not bode well

Losing competitive game ok but a total bust like this game could burst your bubble

The question, IMO, should be why are we a bubble team in year 6, with only one NCAA tournament appearance in that time?

Too early to be concerned about the bubble and all that jazz, IMO, but games v Texas, Houston and Oklahoma State loom large.

Disagree. Playing a road game against a Big Ten opponent does nothing but help in March. If the Hogs finish the rest of the regular season well, this game won’t hurt them. If the Hogs don’t finish well, this game won’t matter.

I’m concerned about the poor defense, negative turnover margin, and the apparent need to play a number of untalented bigs. Very concerned about the apparent lack of talent up front. Not sure whether the problem is their ability, or the Hogs’ overall inability to run halfcourt offense. That was what I saw last night - the offense did not create good shots much of the time, and players turned it over because they didn’t know what to do with the ball.

This is not true. There’s not a set number of wins or road wins you need to achieve to make it to the tournament. While those are a factor, your SOS and RPI are even bigger factors. Good example, Vanderbilt made the tournament last year with 19 wins and only 3 true road wins. But they had a good SOS and RPI.

You look at us this year, the schedule isn’t as bad as you are making it out to be. It’s still very early but ESPN has our SOS as a 62 and a RPI of 32, which is really good, if tournament started today those numbers would get you in. I’m disappointed in our performance from last night as well, but honestly losing to a Big 10 school on the road early in the season isn’t going to make or break your season. We still have 10 true road games left, and at least 2 neutral site games left (could have more depending on how we do in SEC Tournament). If we take care of business at home, like we always do, and and steal 3-4 road wins, get 1-2 neutral site wins, we’ll be alright. You look around college basketball, and outside of probably like the top 10 teams, there’s not a lot of road wins. It’s just tough to win on the road in college basketball.

Also, here’s the link to ESPN’s RPI. I bookmark this page and usually follow it all year. … 3/teamId/8

I follow what you are saying, and I mostly agree with all that. IF our SOS and RPI are good enough then no problem.

I would just add one caveat from following decades of razorback teams fighting for that NCAA bubble. IF we only win a couple of road games but protect the home court, our RPI will very likely be in bubble territory. Also how the rest of the sec does with the remainder of the season will go along ways to determine our SOS and that’s why we hear so much about the strength of sec and if we can get more than a couple teams in the dance. IF we are in bubble territory, the committee looks at everything, and they really are tired of our decades of subpar road performance (which is really really SUBpar considering the average national road record as you point out) also the committee really emphasizes strength of schedule and especially the non con schedule. Yes this is a lot of hypotheticals, and I hope we win more than three or four road games to get our RPI in more comfortable territory. But if it plays out like so many years past, we better hope one of those few road victories is against a top 50 rpi team. We also better start cheering for every sec team for our SOS and hope we get more than three teams in the dance.

The only sweeping generalization I am making is that we really only have a handful, maybe 4 or 5, opportunities to impress the committee with a “quality” win. (Ok one more thing… as much as I hate to say it, we had better start cheering for Texas to to quit sucking) Here’s to following your favorite RPI simulator nervously all year. It’s going to be a nail biter.