You may want to

stick around the puter.

How long should I stick around?

No time line but it will happen today. It’s a very good one too.

I’ll wait for the great news. :smiley:

It’s out there so it’s Dante Walker.

Did he commit?

Absolutely incredible get!

Our DL class can stand toe to toe with anyone in the country, hats off to chad and the crew on recruiting.

We can and should expect top 20 classes every year, chads showing that in a season where it’s as hard as any we’ve had to recruit with.

Any chance of being a LB at that height? Obviously thrilled to have him either way. Just wondering

His HUDL is incredable! Very explosive athlete. Way to go coaches!

Out of Walker, Soli, and Williams, I’m thinking we convert one into a LB. On the other hand, we can’t have too many DE’s.

Don’t see it but you never rule anything out.

These are the types we need to defend the SEC! This class just keeps getting better & better, but we all know you can’t recruity to poor little Arkansas. That is being throw out the window and with as bad a season as ever. Wow.

No. 13 in Rivals. Just passed RebBearSharks.

Amazing what hard work + good recruiters can amount to.

Pretty in depth article from the dawg nation on Dante Walker. Great football player and appears to be a really good kid.

Georgia was high on this kid. Interesting, Georgia has lost two 4 stars and a five star in the last week. They only have 16 commits but 2 DE’s already. … me-feeling

He got a cell phone at some point. I know I talked to him in the spring and this week via cell.

Then you know better than I. I just quoted the article

Agree. Wasn’t a shot at you. Typed words are be misunderstood.

Sometimes I need to add more to my posts.

Now this is a very good pickup. Very good player. Well done to the coaches.

Where are the OL? can we get a flip?

Are we getting close on Catalon? Maybe another RB?

Tim Anderson may decide soon and that would be Arkansas. They’re on several other JC OL. Melvin McBride plans to make an OV.

They’re definitely in it for Catalon. RB Ivory Winters, an Indiana commit is planning to visit again.