You may have seen this … le-photos/

The man is Kirby Adocks’ older brother.

This is so cool. My wife was diagnosed at age 32 and this is tough to watch. This couple appear brave and they need to be. Those chem regimes are tough on the body.

Thanks for sharing Richard.

This and the loss of Wendy Anderson really hits home for me and our family. Our niece lost her battle with breast cancer last May. We were with her the last two weeks of her life. We arrived in Fayetteville yesterday to be with family because her birthday is Monday. She would have turned 53.

Today both of my nieces daughters (15 & 19) will be baptized at Fellowship Church in Fayetteville. Our family has come from all over to there for these girls.

The folks in this article are in my prayers.

My wife had breast cancer when we were 35. After a lot of determination on her part and positivity on our part, she is now cancer free at 74. I still believe a positive attitude helped.