You know you're a 2nd rate program

when your fans take selfies with one of the RBs that just ran all over you.

“Embarrassing” is an overused word as it relates to sports, but it fits here. What a joke.

I agree.

Another sign of low expectations

When I looked at the pictures, I thought they were wearing LSU gear.

That’s what I thought at first glance, but after seeing it on the SEC Network and ESPN now several times now, it was LSU fans in great seats sold to them by Arkansas fans

I thought it was LSU fans, too.

I did not like it, thinking originally it was our fans, but I think it is a tremendous reach to imply this means anything about our program. For some I would say this position is self serving. At worst, it says at that point the outcome is hopeless.

In this generation where social media supports a mindset of self importance and a “me-centric” approach to life, why would this be such a shocking event, regardless what color hat the kid was wearing?

Which is bad enough. But the visiting fans don’t seem to care that they’re in the middle of hostile territory.

There are usually a number of visiting fans in the club seats as well. One young Arkansas fan sitting near me brought her BFF (LSU fan) last night as a birthday present, apparently. Birthday Girl was incredibly obnoxious. I thought the Alabama fans who sat in the same area last month were annoying enough; this one was worse. If a Mississippi State fan ever brings a cowbell in there there might be violence.

If I went to Baton Rouge, sat in the middle of LSU fans and behaved like Birthday Girl did, there would have been violence, too.

I actually believe there are a number of fans of other SEC West teams that buy season tickets to our home games. The prices are still fairly low compared to other schools, so they simply buy the season package and sell the tix to other home games to other visiting fans. Two of the tix next to me in Section 114 in Fayetteville always have opposing team’s fans, regardless of who we’re playing. … 1419300864

Nope. At least 3 Hogs fans (guy in red, guy in white Hogs jersey being covered up by LSU fan and the guy in the Hog toboggan.

Embarrassing. I hope they revoke their ticket privileges.

Absolutely. When I sat in 115 there were some seats about three rows in front of me that were always – ALWAYS – occupied by visiting fans. Guy must have had a racket going on StubHub.

We used to do the same thing at places like Baylor and Rice when we were in the SWC, by the way. StubHub wasn’t around, but they’d buy to get better seats every other year and probably throw the rest away. I have heard rumors that Kentucky basketball fans do that not only to get the tickets when the Cats are in town, but to get SEC Tournament privileges through the other school.

The video above shows at least 3 Hog fans involved. No doubt about it.