You know, you really didn't notice the umps today

Including the much-reviled Mr. Costello.

Just don’t put him behind the plate for us Tuesday. Or ever.

That’s the key.

Although I did see some Fallopian fans on Twitter whining that Kjerstad should have been called out on the missed double play that set up Bonfield’s dinger. Which of course was baloney. Kjerstad did not turn toward second base after the bad throw in any way whatsoever. But EOE thinks its their birthright to get bad calls in their favor. And who was the ump who got that one right? Perry Costello.

How absurd. I could sorta see how they might bitch about him running into the 1st baseman on the return, but even that wasn’t that big a deal. No way, however, that he was safe.

Their contention is that after HK passed first, he turned toward second base, which means he can be tagged out before he gets back to first. He didn’t; he looped back in foul territory. There was a play in the super, I think, where Kjerstad DID turn toward second in that situation but he got back to first without being tagged.

I liked the strike zone. The Ump was giving the oitside corner and that helps a lot.

This is correct. When the play first happened, I thought perhaps he had turned the other way based on Texas’ reaction. However, when they showed the replay, he clearly did not turn the wrong way, so their contention is [color=#BF0000]moo[/color]t.


We dodged the first Costello bullet. I’m just praying we don’t get him behind the plate. He really wanted to call Fletcher out on that chopper in the hole that he beat by a step.

His arm twitched and he looked like he was going to ring him up but it wasn’t close enough for him to do it.

I thought the home plate ump was very good all day.

He got back in time either way. And he has a right to knock the guy down if he is blocking the bag and he was.

Then, he dropped the ball.

I thought he was safe several ways–didn’t turn to second, got back before the tag and then the Tx guy dropped the ball on the tag.

That’s typical of Texas, though. We drilled them and they’re whining about a call that didn’t go their way but was correct. Bunch of whine bags.

I noticed Clemens ran his mouth some, too. He was probably mad that Blaine called his shot and dealt with him accordingly.

We wouldn’t be discussing this BS & the inning would have been over with TX still ahead. “IF”
the double play throw from 2nd had been on target.
Typical TX, commit a costly error then want a favor.
Then Luke made m pay dearly.

“IF” a frog had wings too!

I was really happy when prior to the game Matt posted the umpires and where Costello would have his duty. I’m just proud the game wasn’t close enough for any call by an umpire to have an impact.
The question is can we avoid having him behind the plate for the next 4 games! That’s a stretch!

The umpire signaled that Heston was safe after he passed first. Which meant he did not turn toward second.

That’s what I meant that he was clearly safe. Even if they didn’t see it the first time, the replay made it clear he turned into foul territory & not toward 2nd.


We always coached our players to simply walk casually back to the bag and not “look guilty” (as if they had made a big turn). I think sometimes players (kinda like HK did) scurry back to the bag and that is the only thing the umpires see so they assume they must have made the turn toward second.

At this level the umps usually get this call right but I have definitely seen that at the high school level and below.

Heston said he hurried back to the base because he did not want to leave the decision up to the umpire. He was adamant that he never turned toward second.

Based on the rotations, Costello will probably be behind the plate for one of the games today and at third base tomorrow.

If they stick to a regular rotation, Costello’s next game should be behind the plate. With three games to be played before our next one, we should dodge him on Tuesday night.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to turn right- as long as you don’t make a move to advance to 2nd you can turn either way.

Also I agree the HP ump was very good. Consistent strike zone for both squads.