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Between the NET, RPI and ELO…I do believe the ELO (lesser known of the 3) by far is the most accurate in terms on how I would rate various teams. I just don’t understand the NET…we beat #1 and stay in the same spot. And LSU loses - what? - 5 out of 7 and still floats inside the top 20.

The Net won’t update until tomorrow morning!

Ah…that explains that, at least. I haven’t followed the NET on WN site as I did RPI in the past, so I wasn’t aware. Traditionally, WP updates his site each night - or has, for RPI and ELO.

Still, it wouldn’t shock me for us to move up 3 or 4 spots and LSU to still be in the top 20 (in NET).

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The only ELO I’ve ever heard about is the electric light orchestra LOL but I agree Purdue is really really good

Nobody has figured out NET enough to be able to do a live-update simulation, unlike RPI where the formula was well known. They have to wait for the NCAA to do the daily update.

Which is probably why the NCAA doesn’t attach any numbers to the NET. They list home-road-neutral records and Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4 records, but it doesn’t say “Gonzaga #1, 342.75 points”. If they did, somebody could reverse engineer it and decipher the formula.

Yeah, it’s horrible. Warren Nolan updated right after the game, we went from 37-36, then this morning we are back to 37. Hopefully, the update this morning moves us up (it should, I’m expecting 8-9 spots. To 27-28).

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