You know its bad when

Jack Crowe busts your chops…got to hear a little of Bo’s show and he had Crowe on…he was brutal towards CBB and Ark…The guy who lost to Citadel is emboldened enough to talk smack…

The guy simply said that Arkansas had accepted mediocrity. I can remember when we approached every fb season with the expectation of going undefeated. Monday’s were bad days after we lost the games on Saturday’s. Now, it just seems like we just kind of rationalize and make excuses. I enjoyed watching the movies of Being … last summer. Now…that seems like a long time ago!

It seems like a long time ago, but I think I remember we were in the old SWC in the Jack Crowe day, and even then we recruited like we do today–basically 3 star athletes, held in the incubator for an additional year or two and coached up. But while we recruited 3 star guys, Rice, Baylor, TCU, etc. recruited 2 and 3 stars. Beating them was not difficult, most years. We had that ONE game–against 4 and 5 star guys forming the team of Texas. One game per year, plus our bowl game. OF COURSE we expected greatness, which in today’s jargon is one or less losses per year. We could get beat by Texas and still be great. Go to a bowl against OM or Bama and get whipped.

Not that way now. Every team beats us for the 4 and 5 star recruits, so we get 3 star guys still with some 4 star. And every game is a bowl game. Makes sense to me that our expectation now is for 7-8 wins per year to be happy. Crowe just doesn’t understand the world we have entered. Nowadays we want to be happy with our program, not great. Crowe is delusional; Crowe is living in the past.

We’ve come a long way in our program, but not very far after all. We don’t win all those “bowl” games, but we are happier.

Bad choice by Bo to have Crowe on the air…
Cannot think of a person formerly associated with Razorback football
whose opinion would be less relevant…the sour grapes were choking him…

Yup - I noticed that

Fellow Auburn fans were really respectful - I think they were embarrassed for me as a Razorback fan

Well - I expect we will see a better game vs UF

A victory over UF would help

It’s a growing and development sort of season

Right on navy!
If you’re old as I am you vividly remember the “deer in the headlights”
look Crowe had on his coaches shows after each Razorback game…
Talk about premature elevation! He was the single least prepared Head Coach Arkansas ever hired! He was Broyles’ worst personnel decision among the many excellent ones he made! Him talking smack is laughable…

I think he talks more like Jack Sparrow…

After the dog show on Saturday, I watched the Bama game with a Bama fan. Then she and her friend went out to eat while I went back to the dog show building and listened to the game. She was quite sympathetic (“Aw Honey.”) and I could tell that she meant it. It still hurt.