You knew this was coming

Miami guard Isaiah Wong wants more NIL money or he’s hitting the portal.

Might as well…

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This is Exhibit A for those who wonder why NIL details are kept under wraps. Watching this from afar, it seems this would not have been an issue if Nijel Pack’s details were not announced.


I would agree.

It’s always been about more money. It’s just legal and out in the open now. Amateurism in sports is dead. These are pro athletes now. Should be treated as such.

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Hmm… where to begin…

Professional agents that represent Pro athletes and coaches are constantly playing the “best deal” games. Sexton is a master at it. We want more money or a better deal because we can get better from someone else. Arkansas has seen this scenario time and time again. The ONLY good thing in all this is that college athletes can’t sign with an agent and maintain their eligibility. I think that is as it should be…

Now in comes NIL and college athletes are signing with NIL groups or firms or now whats called an NIL agent. Just curious how this is any different than the Sports Agent? Seems the NIL “agent” and the player is telling their current school they want more money or a better deal or they will go somewhere else. Seems like just a different side of the same coin - Sports Agent or NIL Agent. Why is one legal and another illegal?

This will get much worse before it gets better or before it all settles out. At least on the pro level when agents negotiate on behalf of the pro athlete the athlete must sign some kind of contract that hold then to the deal or there are penalties. On the college level there is nothing that says the athlete can’t hold out or leave for a better offer then the very next year do it again and again and again.

How about we bring in contracts to the college level too. Seems a fair trade if they are going to have agents that will play one school / NIL deal against another.

I would think these NIL deals come with an agreement (contract) to protect the payee. Agents for college players have been around forever. Before they were call bagmen. It’s almost more exciting seeing all the stuff going on with NIL and the portal than games. Almost.

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To be honest I think NIL levels the playing field for the schools that didn’t cheat before.

We all know that Kansas, Kentucky, LSU and where ever Pearl is at that there is major cheating going on. Now can they cheat to keep up with NIL deals or do they just set up a big NIL deal?

I think what will happen in the future is the big money NIL deals will run their course. Most of them are booster driven and the boosters will want lots of wins for their investment. As we all know the most talented teams don’t always win. When those players can’t produce trophies, I think those outrageous NIL deals come crashing down.

Miami was just plain stupid for letting the numbers get out on the transfer from Kansas St.


The players are going to talk about the deals amongst themselves so I don’t think it really matters if it is put out in the media. When money is involved there are always going to be those that want more, more, more.

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My dad had a rule at his little business: revealing your pay to your coworkers is a fireable offense.


That was the policy at most places I worked. But it happened all the time anyway.

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His thinking is wong

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I had a situation where I had already been fired (and was happy about it – boss was a complete egomaniac) but he kept me on until he found a replacement. Young PA just out of school came in for an interview. She had no idea what the salary range was. I told her the range I knew, with mine somewhere in the middle. Dr. Ego flipped. I said one, I didn’t tell her my exact salary, and two, I have no reason to be loyal to your sorry butt; you already fired me.


It is illegal to fire someone for discussing their wages or salary at work. Just saying


And, he’s always taking the wong shot.

It should be noted that Wong has repudiated his agent and is not entering the portal.

That agent said the wong word, as my son used to say 29 years ago.

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When are they going to change the name to the Ruiz Hurricanes??

They should have changed it to the Shapiro Hurricanes 20 years ago, before he went to jail for running a Ponzi scheme (some of which went to pay playahs at the U).

Yachts and hookers do make an impression on an eighteen year old…

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Considering he’s only guaranteed one year at a time on his scholarship it only makes since for him to maximize his earnings

Who would benefit from a gag order on divulging NIL $ details? (Also, dogen is correct.)