You just never know

A guy like Coach Pittman who has never been given a chance to be a coordinator or a head coach in D-1 football may turn out to be a good hire. He certainly wanted and campaigned for the job. He is not afraid of the challenge. You have to feel good for the guy that he got his shot. I bet he does his best and works his butt off.

He wasn’t my choice…Lane Kiffin was, but I feel good for the guy. You can see how happy he is to finally show what he can do. Good luck, big guy. We need you to be good.


The thing that I can find the most positivity in this, is there’s no doubt he wants to be here. And I do think that means something, just hope he has plenty left in the tank. He’s no spring chicken

60 years old isn’t old​:grinning:. I know that for a fact :grinning::grinning:

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He is a young 58!