You just can't get

embarrassed much more than this.O I wish I was Clay and with the film and video he could have made a home funniest videos. Clay could have told this story much better than I did. First of all I went to Sam’s into. I got there about 18 minutes till 3. I went to therapy and then had lunch and headed up the Hill. I had to park right across the North end zone.

Now I remember why I stopped going to “no name games”. Man was it cold and windy. I was told the location was on the north side. It ended up Hunter (my therapist ) had his phone turned up side down.

I went to see Clay and DD maybe Marty or any body I might know.Walking down the hill turned into a run. I could not stop.

Here is the high lights.

I Fell 3 or 4 times trying to get into the building
Then a man (I’m 1 month from 66 so do I call that man who helped me into the building. Thank-you Sir!!!
Then I got to the riser and DD had to help me up. Another man helped. When I got home I texted Clay and he said he was that other man. That helped me on the riser. IT WAS CLAY AND I didn’t know it. Mercy.

I was hurting all over.
Meet this guy and and his sister was Sam’s wife. We got to talking( Imagine that Mike T talking. Told him about a Dr in Ft smith putting in the wrong knee for me. 4 moths short of 3 years ago. Razorback Dr. Dr Arnold Fay had to pull that one out and replace it with the correct one.getting it right.
Saw Zimmerman (sp)

Then I lost my car and a worker for the U of A drove me around for and hour, or close to an hour untill we found my New car. Fell down another 3 or 4 times before Bobby Swassord, drove me around with no luck findinf my car. Then he had to go. Got out and had no idea where my car was.At this point I was walking like a drunk.

BTW meet Bill McClard (SP) And At a distance I think I saw Marty.

Even hugged DD, BUT did’t even say Hi to Clay. I had my black hat on and was looking down most of the time. To try and not fall. Sam’s brother in law I sat on the riser to help keep her kids quiet. Cute kids. maybe 3 years old. .

The best I can do guys and that girl’s deal IMO a Bit&*.

Is that standard procedure? Ya can’t fix stupid, IMO

Hunter needs to tell Sam to add another layers of skin.

Did he not meet the press at Georgia, etc???. And learn not to say that? Actually I have never heard you can’ use those words. Stupid, IMO> BLANK her…

339 you are a true fan.

Take care and keep calling those Hogs.

You can’t say that any more, 339.:flushed:

After all 339 went thru just to get there and back, I reckon he can say bout anything he wants.

I stuck out my hand and said, Hi Mike. Helped him up on the riser and he turned away and started talking to Dudley and Richard. Oh well, most gravitate to the recruiting guys. And Mike Tucker can say anything he wants and he’ll handle the consequences, right Mike?

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Thank’s for the replies. My other half asked me not to go. But I wanted to show my support even with 2 total knee replacements on the same knee.

I was born in Fayetteville, my parents rented from Mr Barnhill is a house across from the FB stadium. I truly love the Razorbacks and bleed Red blood. My state and my school… WPS

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Yes sir Clay!!

I don’t know what I would do without our group. HI is my family.

Enjoyed seeing you.