You have to protect home first

We have not done that the last 3 SEC home games. Very disappointing. Mason has scored over 100 points in the last 3 games, but we are 1-2. Joe is out. Jimmy gave us nothing tonite. Still, we should’ve won this game tonite. I don’t know what the answer is, but I sincerely hope next year Muss will embrace using depth. He will have it at his disposal. He didn’t have that luxury tonite, but this loss really stings.

Do we have any of that now? I don’t think so

We have no depth this year, but we will next year. Surely Muss won’t stick to playing 7.

I agree, how many probably depends on if they come as advertised. I’m sure if he had more he felt comfortable and had more he’d use them. Also don’t buy into “ well at Nevada he played 7 etc etc the quality of player he get now compared to there doesn’t compare imo

Depth or no depth, continue to be disappointed with the poor free throw shooting from some of our players. That has been the difference in our winning & losing in some of our games.

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