You have to give De'Jon Harris a lot of credit too

He and Andrew Parker.


Crootin is a total team effort. Scoota is great on and off the field. He’s stood in front of the mic after some tough days on the field. He has been a bright spot on the field for our hogs. A tackling machine.
Maybe he closes the deal on Bush as well


De Jon Harris appears to be a great young man. He played hard every game, never gave up and led the SEC in tackles. He helped us recruit, also. What more could you want from him? Thank you, son.

Love Harris!!! Would take 4 of him at LB everyday of the week man!

A real deal linebacker, emphatic enforcer. :!:

He leads by example.

Great Razorback and great example to others. Bring your lunch pail everyday and arrive on the field in a bad mood on game days!

Was offered by Bama, official visit, and told Nick he was sticking with the Hogs.

Scoota has been a leader ever since then in my eyes.

A real good young man whom plays football with Heart! He has one speed.
I hope the hogs get to a bowl game next year for Scotta!