You have to feel bad for Blayne Toll

He’s signing with the Hogs while vacationing in Cancun.

Poor guy

Simply awful. How will he survive lol

Doesn’t beat Connor signing from the coliseum in Rome but it’s definitely not the worst place to be when signing.

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all the coaches headed to Bahamas Bowl face same dilemma, but Connor at the Coliseum is hard to top.

Press conf from Cancun???

That’s what I told the office so I could go cover it but they’re not buying it.

Maybe need to get SP to help with that, hard to say No to him. LOL

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RD willing to go that extra mile for coverage lol

Richard, everybody knows I am our international reporter.

I have had boots on the ground in many countries covering the Razorbacks.

Cancun is nice this time of year Dudley.