You guys don't get it!

This is on the players, not the coaches! They are the ones who can’t/won’t tackle the ball carrier or let him run through our horrid arm tackles for first downs. They are the ones who don’t perform their assignments, get caught following the fake, allowing one sack/QB hit after another, allowing deep penetration by the D-Line to disrupt our run and pass games. This failure, and it is a failure, rests with them and them alone.

While I get that you want to blame the Coach and the staff, but these guys are high D-1 college athletes who spend 80 percent of their time preparing to play, practicing, studying film, coaches meetings, and can’t get it done.

This is a pride, character, commitment issue with the players and them alone. Firing the coaching staff or the AD will not fix that.

By the way, I am ok with making a change, but we will still have the same players.

Finally, because I have loved the Razorbacks all my life, I will continue to show up, cheer, yell, complain and pray as I always have. Go Hogs!

Ultimately the product on the field is a reflection of the coaching staff. And if there are inadequate players, that’s on the coaching staff, too.

Matt, Harry Truman would have been fond of you.

Actually I think you’re mostly right. Unfortunately for coaches, those failures fall on their shoulders no matter how many players are underachieving.

Think the OP was making a point about B.B…at least I hope he was

I did notice that not one single coach dropped a pass, missed a block, missed a tackle, or fumbled a punt.

I believe in baseball the saying is “you can’t fire 26 guys”.

You could get started by firing the first one!
Last night it was the offense that caused the defense to crumble.

We probably don’t get it… but neither does this coaching staff. CBB keeps repeating in post game interviews “I get it, no one is happy about losing” or other drivel he spouts on a regular basis behind the term “I get it”. It finally dawned on me he is referencing his pay check and truly doesn’t understand the embarrassment Hog fans are enduring watching a once proud football program swirl down the sewer.

We have talent issues and players that have no desire. I hope that a few Olineman transfer at semester. There are OL that were highly recruited and never gave a crap, yet we have Froholdt who came in as a Dlineman and was coached up to be a solid player. Gibson is a walk on that was coached up to be a solid player. It really is sad how 2-3 players impacted this Oline so badly that a true FR came in and beat them. This is a different team if the Oline can protect…far different

Well Thanks,
I get it now!

If the players do not have faith or confidence in the coaching staff, they are not going to preform at there best, I guess you could say they are not going to put there best foot forward.