You gotta love Charles Barkley saying it like it is!

They were talking the perception of the SEC being down because Kentucky was down.

Charles said… Kentucky wasn’t down, they was dead… no pulse… flatline.

I almost lost my soda at that point!!


Love Charles. Especially when he’s complimenting us.

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I almost feel off the couch when he said that…

He’s a hoot!

Charles being Charles.

He also mocked Katz when—as usual—he tried to make it about another blue blood—IU.

During postgame highlights, Katz said: Imagine if Justin Smith was still playing at IU.

Barkley said we wouldn’t be watching him play right now if he was still playing at IU.

Katz also had a very weird comment at half. They were talking about both TT and Arkansas having a lot of transfers and he said “however they get them”.

It’s ALWAYS about the blue bloods for the CBB national media guys.

Wish he’d finally decide to run for Governor.


And Charles is an Aubarn guy remember so I expect no luv lost for Kaintuck

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