You got to love College Football Fans

I live in Kentucky so I’m missing the community of Razorback fans often

But it does have some advantages

When we discuss football I do catch some friendly heat (I do mean friendly - with good humor) about the state of Arkansas Football and - yes basketball

Today I was give a photoshopped MAGA hat

Make Arkansas Great Again with Another pic of Coach Bret with a red tie and trump hairdo

I have to admit I laughed hard

And then put it in the shredder bin

I should of kept it

“Make Arkansas Great Again”

For a Kid that grew up watching Arkansas 1964-65

Now that is Making Arkansas Great Again

I want the program to be a national power

What does make Arkansas Great Again look like to you?

Be a contender, have other teams dread seeing us on their schedule instead of looking forward to us coming to town. To be a well respected program for our play on the field. WPS

Football will take longer but I do remember when we won 9 games yearly and our losses were close (especially during the 60s. However, the average Razorback fan’s memory doesn’t stretch back that far (except for '69 Texas game). I would love to be in the same position in football today, not every game a win but every game played at a high level with a majority of wins.
In basketball I am very encouraged. What I saw at the end of the season, especially in the NCAA tournament, has me very excited about the future.

Every 5-7 years

  • have a 10+ win season (dependent upon Ark HS talent which goes in cycles)
    -1-4 years of 8-9 win seasons
    -2 years of rebuilding seasons