You go Mark Fox!

Preach it! Way to step up! Call it! Say it all day everyday!

Good for you!

He called out schools and coaches.

Said he was disgusted.

He is the man!


YES IT WAS. , Good to hear him speak his mind.

I do wish he had said it before today though. And he said there is more and people in the game know IT, THEN SAY IT!

I asked Mike once who his favorite guys were among the other SEC coaches. First name he mentioned was Fox.

And it a shame he’s probably on the coaching hot seat. NCAA won’t do squat. FBI needs to arrest coaches but the big coaches insulate themselves from direct involvement. Other than the Arizona coach and I haven’t read what that situation is yet.

I just happened to catch his comments. He is dead on.

Sean Miller the Arizona coach did not coach his team at Oregon tonight the $100,000.00 player played and they still lost. I guess they needed the player suspended for PED’s. (Trier).
Maybe next year they can pay a couple more 5 star recruitis so they can win!
Mr Emmitt the president of the NCAA is painless. He talked about rules that are outdated and changes need to be made.
There’s one simple change put the coaches and players involved out of the sport.
One thing that I will say Louisville sent Pittino packing and the AD. The star player involved never played and he is now at South Carolina.
I would be shocked if anything is done to punishment any blue blood program.

Mark Fix may be on the hot seat but he won’t ever be involved in the junk going on!
I can’t wait to see the coach of the year get fired.

Fox is no nonsense. I think this FBI investigation is getting too much publicity and Emert is in the media which is a new dynamic. Emert knows they have to do something. The Louisville ruling may have had to do with what the NCAA knew from the FBI that the NCAA has to get it’s act together.

But Emert’s comments that I heard did not address the accountability that is required right now. He referenced rule changes that need to be made, focusing on the future rather than the past, etc.

NCAA is going to be a light touch again on all of this. That is my bet anyway.

Yeah, sounds like he is more concerned about making good evil and evil good.