You could tell in the first 5 minutes

That we were not there. Ugliest effort all season.


Which I do not understand.


No. A&M just played with more intensity. I thought they’d tire after playing like that for 3 days, but they never did. As the announcers pointed out early, we looked like the tired team. Maybe we were. Maybe we used too much emotion on LSU. Maybe A&M was just desperate & we weren’t. I don’t know.

However, I believe we’ll be ready by our first NCAA game. Muss has the ability of getting the team ready. If we win our first two games in the NCAA, this game will just be 1 of the 30+ games we played.


That’s what one of our fellow fans told me; we were tired, which explains why a lot of the shots weren’t falling, etc.

In response to “how could A&M not be tired”…they said A&M is playing to stay alive.

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Yes! The exact reason Nolan never won the SEC Tourney until he had to win it to get into the real tournament. The SEC tourney championship was never the goal for his great teams. A Sweet Sixteen easily trumps the SEC championship in any season.


It’s scary how much you and I think alike, Harley. :sunglasses:


Agree, the lack of effort on behalf of our main two players, horrible shooting and poor ball control and turnovers. Coach M has to be horrified that NONE of our usual top 3 guys could get momentum going and we were SLOW to respond around the basket and making point blank 2 pointers at the rim… Just too many things to downplay our efforts on any aspect of the game. The comeback to a 3 point deficit looked good but A and M never gave up… WE DID! … Thus I agree, the ugliest effort ALL season. This will cost us in the NCAA bracketing and force us to play a better team than we would have and possible we will lose our first NCAA game with this kind of effort! Uggggh. :unamused::nauseated_face::cry:

DITTO DITTO on all accounts.

I wonder how many posters had similar doomsday posts and thoughts in 1994, when the Hogs lost the 2nd game of the SEC Tourney by double digits?


Oh we had uglier games. You forgot them like you’ll forget this one.

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If you are referring to me, I didn’t mean it was doomsday. While I would have loved to have win today (and tomorrow) losing was not the end of the world.

I was at that game in Memphis and told the Kentucky fans on the way out that were jeering us that we’d be in Charlotte with or without them. Kentucky and their fans wanted the payback against us that day in the worst way and it still took all the effort they had to end up pulling away. We needed that loss and the regrouping.

I didn’t mind the losing today. A&M needed it more and wanted it more. Credit to them.

I do question the effort and intensity. Our best teams would have not have stood around and watched the defensive breakdowns and the dunkfest that A&M put on in the second half. I hope it bothered us more than it appeared.

We looked like we should have just worn our “Beach Hogs” t-shirts to the game. Played a lot at the like we were on the beach…laid back and carefree with not a lot of focus.

That’s the part that has to disturb Muss. And I think he will have a couple of tough practices in the next few days to make sure it is well known that it is not acceptable and get everyone back on the same page. The shooting is not always going to be there with this team, but defense and effort must be.

JWill has proven to be a leader and JD certainly has as well. They will need to step up and be vocal this week too. They need to be the “Corliss and Corey” of this team. I think the others will follow. Toney and Umude are coming on at the right time. We really need the old Devo to come back this week, too!

We know Muss will have them prepared for whoever we play. He’s worked too hard to get them to this point after that rough stretch to allow anything less than maximum effort and preparation. Just have to use this beatdown in the right way…as motivation, refocusing, and regrouping for the Big Dance

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Very good post, and I agree. I do hope though, before or after, he gives their legs a couple days rest. He’s got plenty of poor play in this game he can use for motivation. I will be really surprised if he doesn’t have this team firing on all cylinders next week.


Oh no, I wasn’t referring to you or anyone specific. Just lots of really negative posts.

Nolan made the 4 game sweep(2000 SEC), of course not one of his better teams, wonder who else has done it since then…not many if any.

The parity among the SEC teams is incredible. We won like dozen games in a row beating really good teams. We are probably worn down physically and mentally. We need to somehow rest and prepare for the NCAAs. A+M is salty with an excellent coach. They just laid the wood to us.

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