You can tell Chaney is in mutt mode

As in Muss’ doghouse. Cylla getting early minutes and is more active than I’ve seen him in a while. But he can’t buy a free throw.

He got one

And you’re right about Chaney

How long he is in the dog house is up to him, we could sure use him if he plays his best ball. WPS

Cyllia needs to be the doghouse too! He changed the game when he came in and it wasn’t good.

Cylla can’t play at this level. Simple as that.

I disagree. He can help by playing some defense and rebounding. 10-12 minutes a game would be huge. Needs a little success to get some confidence. It’s a long season.

It looked like coach was talking to Chaney during the game, which is promising. Shows he wants to keep him engaged and focused.

CEM hasn’t given up on Chaney. He knows by watching film what Chaney did last season. A productive Chaney is a must for our hogs heading into March.

Both guys are struggling with their confidence. They know that they aren’t going to get a lot of minutes and when they do get in, it is like they are trying too hard. I agree that they should stick to defense unless the perfect opportunity to score is handed to them on a silver platter. Here is an excerpt from Cylla’s page on the official Hog website: “In his three-year collegiate career, Cylla has averaged 10.25 points (984 total) and 3.78 rebounds (363 total), making 40.3 percent of his field goals (336-833), 31.2 percent of his 3-pointers (100-321) and 78.5 percent of his free throws (212-270) with 47 assists, 48 steals and 42 blocked shots.” Those are not numbers for a guy who can’t play ball. Add to it his 85% free throw shooting last year and you can just tell that something isn’t right with him right now.

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