You can recruit to Fayetteville

This is not 1959. There are 500,000 people up there. Diversity is present and expanding. Economics booming. Don’t give me the same garbage excuse we heard 25 years ago. Fayetteville is a land of opportunity for all. Recruit better.

Who said you couldn’t recruit to Fayetteville? Could you provide some names? Because I keep seeing people say that people are saying that, but the only people that are bringing it up are guys like you trying to use it in an argument against people. CMA’s 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2018 class were all top 25 classes according to ESPN. So, obviously he’s getting talent to come to Arkansas. Appearing in the tournament 3 of the past 4 years, something this program hadn’t do in a while is proof of that. Despite what people think being 1 of 68 teams out of 353 teams isn’t as easy as most think.

There’s also talent on this roster this year they are just young. Gafford’s a potential lottery pick, Joe is the leading freshmen in scoring, Jalen Harris is one of the top assisting PGs in the nation, and Mason Jones is one of the top performing JUCO players. And I think Reggie Chaney is a star in the making. It takes time for a young roster to gel even if they are talented, just look at the Tennessee guys, their record was horrible their freshman year, they stayed together and now doing really well.

I think you and I are on the same team. I read it on here fairly consistently…how hard it is to recruit to NWA. I don’t buy it. Yes maybe in 1980, 1990, and even 2000. We still managed to get blue chips to fayetteville back then. Now…it’s not the same NWA. You can sell Fayetteville to any family…if they are willing to overlook Capone shoe money.

Blu, I disagree…It was just just posted by a blogger that you can’t recruit to Fayetteville…something like “Nolan says it was hard to recruit to Fayetteville.” So yes it’s still being posted.

I’ll be honest, I’m on here daily all the way back to the hawgillustrated days, and I can’t recall anybody saying anything about how hard it is to recruit to Fayetteville. Only thing I remember is when we didn’t have a practice facility, people (including myself) said we’re at a huge recruiting disadvantage being the only school in the SEC without one, kids want to be able to have 24/7 access to a gym these days.

But, yea, I’m with you it’s no harder to recruit kids to Fayetteville than any other school in the SEC. It’s all in the South.

I might be in the minority here, but I think outside of the 2015 recruiting class the staff’s recruiting has been pretty solid. I keep telling people the downfall for us was when the staff wasn’t prepared for Portis and Qualls leaving, I truly believe they thought they were coming back and were relaxed on the recruiting that year, and it started a trickle down effect, and we had to stack JUCO kids and transfers that following recruiting class to be competitive and now we’re stuck with a young team because of that.

I’m talking about on here, I’m assuming if he’s posting on here, he’s talking to the people on this board since they are the only people that can read it lol.

BLU… go read the “Time” subject…it was right before this blog. Someone by the name of GAY, said it won’t do any good to replace CMA because nobody can recruit black players to Fayetteville. Obviously, that’s not true.

LOL! Dude he’s been trolling all day, he was being sarcastic, go read his posts.

You can recruit to Fayetteville. The main stumbling block for most schools has been the pay to play! Tenn has done it with getting blue collar players that worked their tails off and keeping them for 3 to 4 years.
I don’t like to see people say you can’t. Morris is sure doing a good job so far!

Have you ever been to Oxford or Starkville Ms., Tuscaloosa or Auburn Al.? It’s not even close. Step off campus and these towns are hellholes compared to Fayetteville. The campus and facilities can compete with any University. 25 years ago we did recruit to Fayetteville and it’s much better now

Hard to recruit to and can’t recruit to Fayetteville are very different.
The only recruits we struggle to get to Fayetteville are some of the high profile instate premadonas who make business decisions.

If you can recruit to Iowa State, University of Iowa, and Nebraska you can recruit to the University of Arkansas.

I’ve never said that you “can’t” recruit to Arkansas.

What I have said - and continue to say just as each head football coach and head basketball coach has at this university since I began covering recruiting in the mid 1980s - is that there are inherent disadvantages in recruiting to Arkansas.

Not enough prospects in state, not enough population close by, still not enough flights that you can get a prospect in here Saturday morning for a early or mid-afternoon game, stereotypes put forth by other coaches, etc.

This is one of the greatest classes ever here in the history of the school in terms of four-stars and right now it’s 17-22.

Wait a minute. Mr. Dawson. You have explained that basketball in Arkansas has improved significantly. In fact, Clay has bemoaned the fact that more kids are playing basketball at a higher level in the state than football. And that some of these players need to switch over to football. You don’t need 15 to 20 division one prospects in this state to put together a good team for the University. Not to mention that we have Tulsa, Memphis, Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, and St. Louis near us. Are you saying we CAN’T get players out of these areas? Is Arkansas Basketball so looked down on that no player worth thier salt would consider coming here? Are players so gullible to believe coaches who tell them that Arkansas might as well be Mississippi 1954 ? Well Mr. Dawson. When you here of a coach spewing this nonsense, how about call them on thier BS. Yes. You may not get an interview you would like, but you would help in the battle against this horrible stereo type.

Recruiting will pick up once we get a practice facility, or so the experts tell us.

Oh wait, what’s that?

Dear Mr. Lovemyhawgsforwever,

I’m speaking of Arkansas football and basketball in general terms - mostly football.

Nowhere did I say you can’t get “players out of those areas.”

What I have said after doing research on it, am saying now and will continue to say is that a lot of the other SEC schools have more of a population basis nearer their campus to recruit from. This is not something that I have come up with. There have been numerous stories written about this.

It would be wonderful if Arkansas had 15 to 20 elite Division I signees from in-state to add to the roster each year. The most I remember in a year has been 11 - and I’ve been doing this since 1985. There may only be 5-7 this season and that has become the norm.

Basketball individual talent is better in this state, not necessar

No, recruits don’t believe that it is 1954 Mississippi, but they do believe it is still like the 70s somehow unless they see it.

Some of them still believe it the first 12 miles from the NWA airport in very rural Highfill until modern day shows up.

Hard for me to call coaches on the so-called BS when it isn’t.

I do what I can to project a great view of our state.

I don’t do anything to project a great vision of the University of Arkansas because having once been employed by Arkansas under Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson, it would be an NCAA violation for me to do so.

What was said about the practice facility was that it would level the playing field and Arkansas was the last one in the SEC to get one.

Plus - if you want to get technical about it - the classes have been higher ranked overall since it has arrived.

Darn it, Dudley, there you go confronting an agenda with facts again.

2015 was also Top 25 in recruiting until Kapita failed to qualify.

Years ago Richardson noted how difficult it was to recruit to Fayetteville. That has not changed. It is true that we often have top 25 classes. However, the top 25 is the lower 40% of the SEC. Never are we one of the top 4 of the SEC.