You can figure this one out


He’s going to be a good one. Very good news!


He’s been saying for the longest he would announce on signing day. That’s still true, he said.

Awesome news! Has a chance to come in and play early…

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That is good news. I was a little worried we were going to scratch after the recruit from Conway went elsewhere. Wonder why Marcus Henderson cooled on us so much? He was supposedly close to Curry. CSP will have better results with more time. And just maybe they can turn some of the existing lineman into Billy bad-asses.

If a OL come to the hill under Coach Pittman if they have the work ethic and desire he and his staff will coach, teach and train them! The best OLine we’ve had in years was put together by Him!
This has to be good news for the hogs!

Henderson supposedly has it between Arkansas Georgia and Ole Miss. Georgia I believe already has 6 lineman signed and most all of those are highly rated so I doubt he goes there… supposedly Ole Miss has told him he can be a tight end and maybe a DL. In my opinion he’s definitely not a tight end and we can offer the same thing as far as him having a chance to play DL because we sure as heck need help there… I read elsewhere where we have a good shot with Henderson which makes the most sense to me because you got a incredible combination with Pittman and Davis an opportunity to play early as good as anywhere he will ever see… we will just see what happens I sure would hate to lose him especially to Ole Miss.

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$ome time$ early playing time i$ not enough.

I saw somewhere else Henderson has committed to FSU, don’t know if that’s true or not

He’s not even considering FSU,Robert Scott did.

they probably conflated the two, I was suprised lol

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6 signed and not including the 5 star OL committed to them at this time that is considering us so that would be 7 before he joined the group! Makes no sense! He would play way quicker here thats for sure!

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