You can coach the Hogs the last 2 games....

Clay, I know you are right about NWA being a great place to raise a family, but few of the great football and basketball talents are coming from those families. Except maybe track, those other sports you mentioned ARE coming more from those families since they are partial scholarships if any and the development at younger ages require a lot of parental support and investment. Track’s success was built on a foundation of distance athletes first and then much later they added some elite sprinters, so even it mostly relies on families with some money to send their children there. The lack of a large minority population @ the UofA, in NWA, no nearby historically black colleges with an active social scene, etc. is a big hurdle to overcome. Stanford and Notre Dame manage it, but not many others when it comes to competing for the very top black athlete. It CAN be done at Arkansas in basketball and football, but it will be a lot harder to do than it will be in baseball, golf, soccer, etc. Recruiting is very different today than it was in Frank’s day. JMVVVVVHO

I don’t think there is a lack of running back talent either. I’m saying I would try running some 2 RB sets in the last two games, but I know that several things are probably preventing that in real life (blocking deficiencies, playbook limitations, injuries, etc.). I wouldn’t want to deal with the consequences of it not working out well, but I would like to try it in a perfect world.

Learning not to run into your own teammate would have
to viewed as a positive.

That was funny I don’t care who you are. :lol: