You can coach the Hogs the last 2 games....

What do you choose to do to try to win a game? Does anybody really care? Does Chad shake it up or just go down with the ship these last 2 games?

If I am coaching, and I’m not…I choose to do the following:

  1. As head coach, I take over the play calling duties for the offense these last 2 games. I am going deep a couple of times each quarter. What do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

  2. I will start Ty Storey and see how he does the first quarter. If he plays well, leave him in…if he just doesn’t do much, Noland, Jones or Kelley comes in and gets after it.

Sometimes, I wonder how this season would have turned out had Cole Kelley started all the games instead of Storey? Would it have made any difference? Would we have won 3-4 games instead of 2? Kelley didn’t take care of the ball real well when he played, but the guy can stretch the field. He has a cannon. He can throw deep. I don’t know. We’ll leave that to Chad to ponder late at night while he’s watching Elvira on his big screen.

4 and 5 wideouts and spread the field. Shotgun every snap. Short passes instead of running plays to keep offense on track and ahead of chains. And to keep their defensive at bay somewhat. 1 to 2 deep balls a quarter. I would start Nolan and if not effective play Jones. Quick hitting running plays. Really amp it up tempo wise. Defensively I would put 8 in the box on first and second down. spy on their qb every play. Man to man when I stacked the box. Try to get them into 3rd and long. I would not blitz him much on probable passing downs. He can escape the rush for huge gains. Make him throw into 7 or 8 man coverage, make him beat you w his arm. We know he can beat us w his legs. 1 trick play a quarter. 1 fake punt. And when he does run lay some licks.

Cole Kelley was benched against Eastern Illinois, did nothing with the game on the line against CSU, and played one of the worst games anybody wearing a Razorback on his helmet ever has against N Texas.

If he starts the rest my thoughts are you lose them all including Tulsa.

Another post from someone who I don’t believe sees the game in detail. Do you really think they have not called plays to go deep in the last few games? Really? I’ve seen them, but I have not seen protection to allow them to develop. I saw plays with multiple vertical routes to start the LSU game. And, down goes Storey with hardly a chance to look deep. I also saw LSU blanket those receivers and leave Storey with nothing but a dump down or a tight end throw short.

I have seen what’s been open on those deep calls, the wheel route. The safeties were sucked to the middle of the field with double coverage and the wheel route was open.

Just because you call a deep route, doesn’t mean you get to throw it. Hardly ever if you can’t protect. It takes a little longer to run a deep route. He’s going deep, right?

LSU hit the deep route in the first quarter and why? The quarterback sat in the pocket for about five seconds while the receiver ran a double move. The QB did not have to move his feet as he watched his man work free. That route took a long time to run and there was time to run it because the protection was great.

I think they are calling plenty of deep routes. They are not executing the plays to get the throws off.

Play calling is easy when you sit in front of the TV or in the stands (or in the press box). It’s not so easy when you have to figure out how to block them.

Cole Kelley has not earned playing time based on practice performances from what I’ve been told. If you play someone who has not earned time in practice, the entire team knows it. That’s not a good path to travel.

If you can’t run the ball, does the play action work for the deep pass? No, it does not. It’s dead because no one is taking the fake.

This stuff is not easy. It’s complex and frustrating. I don’t want anyone here to be the coach in the last two games, especially not me!

I get the idea from the original poster. Have fun making the changes that you think are necessary. But know that there is a reason the coaches have handled things their way. I may not know all of the reasons, but I see many of them. I do not want their job.

Very good post. Posts like this with knowledge and insights communicated in an honest, professional, manner is what makes this board outstanding. Thank you sir. Please keep it up.

Well, I don’t want to be rude, crude or discredit anyone for posting their thoughts. I do know that several have posted that there have been “too many vertical routes” that aren’t open and wished they’d concentrate in the middle of the field. That is all true.

This is a place to post what you think. I don’t want to throw any cold water on that. But I will post what I think, too.

I do not understand the criticism of play calling. I would not want to call plays for this offense. It’s generally not the plays. I also think Ty Storey has done a terrific job in the circumstances. Terrific. I know that ice packs are probably his best friend. Well, I never liked the ice pack because it hurts as much as the bruise when you first put it on. But if it can freeze a bruise and keep it from bleeding more, than it’s a good thing.

I think Clint Stoerner is about the only one who understands what is going on with Ty. I saw Clint pounded unmercifully as a sophomore. He didn’t look anything like an SEC quarterback as he ducked in absorbing blitzes that protection calls whiffed on. And, you can make the protection call as a QB and that doesn’t mean it works. Players still have to pick them up. The center has to make some of those calls and sometimes they are missed (both in vision and in execution).

Clint has said that Ty is absolutely the best option for next year because he’s going to be the best able to absorb the pounding that is going to surely come as they rebuild the O-line again.

Does anyone realize that they are losing three starters on the O-line? Brian Wallace, Johnny Gibson and Hjalte Froholdt are done after the trip to Missouri. Just think about that a moment.

Good comments, Clay.
I certainly couldn’t coach this or any team. I know at times some of the calls seem like head scratchers, but I believe the problems overall have not been play calling, but lack of execution on called plays. It all starts with qb protection. If that fails then the called plays breakdown. Not a formula for success.

This turned into what I thought was a fun thread into something else. I’m no coach nor do profess to be one.

Lose three from an offensive line that’s not good to begin with . Guess we should just forfeit games next year. So we lose three. Who’s to say we won’t be better next year there. Can’t be much worse. Isn’t that what coaches paid to get done. Yes might take years to build a cohesive top notch line, I understand that.

If I were Kelly Bryant after reading this post I would surely go elsewhere.

Anyway , thought it was a fun post to respond to and it turned into something different. Wish I hadn’t responded

The main difference in the effectiveness of X’s and O’s from a winning coach and a losing one is the talent on the field.

One huge repercussion of Coach Morris taking over the play calling is sending a HUGE vote of no confidence to our OC. As noted in the previous posts it’s hard to call good plays when you don’t have the talent to execute those plays.

And the thought of our O line having 3 seniors to replace causes indigestion. I hope Coach Royals favorite saying (if a dog gonna bite - he’ll do it as a pup) is applicable to our OL next year.

Razorwill, I am glad you posted. Nothing wrong with that. But I will say what I think and so should you. You should be honest with what you think and so should I. That’s what makes this a forum.

It’s going to get better. The transition is about over. The culture is getting into place. Better players are on the way. The most important thing is to get numbers at all positions and create competition in every position. Competition is the way to get better.

Competition at quarterback is good. I do think Kelly Bryant understands exactly what is here at Arkansas. He does not need to read one line. He saw the team play and can look at tape at any moment. He wants an opportunity to compete. He’ll have that. He is VERY talented. I bet he does well no matter where he ends up. I will say that he’s smart enough to evaluate talent. He’s been beaten out by the nation’s top recruit. He surely knew that he was facing an elite player at Clemson and saw what happened.

Yes, this thread went off the rails rather quickly. It didn’t turn out like I had hoped.

It was supposed to be fun…not an indictment of the sorry season we are having.

Thanks for posting… I think this is a fun thread. One of the best I’ve seen in a while.

just take what the defense gives you and what you can execute.The OL can’t block well enough to throw deep unless its on 1st down when they are expecting run.

The middle of the field is what most defense gives up.I would throw slants, TE block and releases, WR Square ins,crossing routes against the grain,Back out of the backfield ,10 yd comeback routes(which are almost impossible to cover,ran a nice one with Pettway against OM)) anything that can be thrown in a about 2-3 sec.which is about all the time this OL can protect.

just about every successful drive we have had this yr has happened b/c we have used the middle of the field,we did run a very good out and up with O’Grady for a TD against OM.

we will get there just need an upgrade in several areas.

Right on Clay. Perfect analysis & insight as usual.
So hey I know you said didn’t want their job. But I nominate you for Coach. (When you’re fully healed of course).

No problems here. Just was a fun thread that kinda went awry. Only hope we have , and it is the light at the end of the tunnel is the recruiting success we are having this year. And I suspect next years class will be as good. Maybe not ranked as high but coaches will have an even better idea of what we need and they will relentlessly go after it.

I’ve been reading this board for many many years and it has always irritated me when I get the “well, we’re just little ole Arkansas” scenario. Yes I know we have built in disadvantages but I’ve always thought w the right coach, no matter the program, can recruit and win on a very high level. I’ve seen it done. The we can’t hire anybody better is an excuse I don’t buy either. Hopefully w Morris, he sees the potential and is driven to make the most of it.

If I were coach, I would shake up the starting line up. All RBs would play on the OL with Ty Storey at center. Rotate the 2 tackles at QB, and rotate the guards and center at running back.
My halftime adjustments would be to give the OL the option of continuing as tackling dummies or actually blocking someone. :slight_smile:

I have always believed that it could be done at Arkansas. I’ve pointed to the coaches that have done it at Arkansas and there are great examples right now.

Brad McMakin has a second place finish in men’s golf. Shauna Taylor has had a team ranked No. 1. I expect both to have a chance to do well hosting this year at The Blessings. Lance Harter has national titles. Chris Bucknam has a national title. Colby Hale has a terrific soccer team now. Dave Van Horn was second last year and has taken his recruiting to another level. He will win a national title some time.

John McDonnell has won many national titles. Nolan Richardson and Frank Broyles won national titles.

It can be done in any sport at Arkansas, with the right coach. It takes recruiting and then more recruiting. It takes good coaching. But more than anything, it takes getting great players. They will come to Fayetteville. You just better be able to recruit and put everything you have into it.

I know most of these coaches I mentioned very well. What they have is they are all great recruiters. They work tirelessly. If you spend time with them away from practice, games or work, they take calls all the time.

I have argued on the radio with anyone you care to mention that it can be done at Arkansas in both basketball and football. It may happen quickly, too. We may not see it coming.

It’s partly evaluation, but it also is about getting some national stars. It can be done at Arkansas.

I’m with you, Razorwill. 100 percent.

I can tell you that Northwest Arkansas is the best place to raise a family. I don’t know of another place that’s even close right now.

I can tell you story after story of top class people who have come to Fayetteville/Bentonville to work, placed at Walmart vendor operations by the nation’s top companies. These are places like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Johnson and Johnson and the list goes on and on.

Hundreds – maybe thousands – have come here expecting to stay for 2-3 years, then go back to home headquarters where they will spend the last 10 years in upper management. They were up the ladder quite a bit when they came here, but really didn’t want to live in Arkansas.

My, my how they changed their tunes. Some of my best friends figured out a way to make their time last, never to go home, so to speak. They came, they saw and they loved it. Some had to leave their jobs to go to work for other Walmart vendor operations to change and stay. They did.

My daughter works for a lot at P&G. I’ve met her co-workers and heard their stories as they plotted ways to stay in Fayetteville. These were West Point grads in engineering, or from Notre Dame, Northwestern, Indiana or any of the other good business schools. This stop was not even in their career path when they started with these companies, but when they were sent here, they never left. And, many, many are Razorback fans, just as much as anyone who grew up here. The Hogs are their team now.

My move, IF Hammonds were still healthy, would be to take advantage of his cross-training at wr/rb the past two years and run two-back shotgun sets with him and Boyd in the backfield. Then, you’ve got the option to motion Hammonds to just about anywhere on the field to find mismatches in coverage.

Run that with one TE (O’Grady) and 2 WR (Pettway/Jackson/Woods and Jones/Stewart/Warren), and I think you’ve got the most talented 11 on the field at one time. Again, I would do this if this group was all healthy/motivated/ready at the same time. I thought we would see a lot of two rb sets this year before the season started, but I’m not sure the RB #'s ever worked out well for it with Boyd coming in late, Hammonds battling injury, Whaley going down, Hayden still getting back to 100%, and Williams working on his pass pro.

I don’t think it’s the lack of running back talent. I think it has more to do with blocking.