You can always tell

When Casey is either about to strike out or pop up, because he lunges across the plate, almost a jump across it. Seems like it’s about 100%

You can also see times where he looks bad on a pitch and the next pitch crushes the ball! He has been laying off some bad pitches lately and that’s been the key for his success lately. Fletcher and Heston do the same things as Martin.

The 2 players that suprised me last night with the bat were Optiz and Franklin. I think Goodheart will strike the ball today.

Our LH hitters will have their hands full with Thompson, really good CB and 90’s FB but we have seen some great LH, Thompson has better CB though so we will see.

We have faced some of the best pitchers in college baseball this year. Usually somebody(s) have hit them pretty well so far. It’s a difficult lineup to shut down.

At the beginning of the season Thompson was Baseball American’s #1 2019 MLB Draft prospect. Moreover, he’s been pitching just like it this season.

It will likely be a tough 7 or 9 innings. Our Hogs will need to be patient through our first nine batters. wps

If wicklander pictures like he has they will have it just as hard a time or harder hitting him. Should be a very low scoring game

Yes. Unless he completely shuts us down with few pitches, he’s got to yield to a BP sometime in the 6th or 7th inning. If we can make him throw a lot, we might be able to get to their BP early. Besides, I’m not willing to concede him anything. We’ve hit some pretty good pitchers. This kid might be good, but he can make mistakes. I haven’t checked UK’s record when he starts, but knowing their overall record, I’d say teams without our level of hitting skills.

Wicklander just needs a good start! He is capable of shutting down Kentucky for 6 or 7 innings. I hope he keeps his pitch count down!
Our lineup will just need to adjust to the curve ball. Taking it the other way as always. The hogs have had to face a lot of good LHP and this will only help moving forward.
Hogs 8
Kentucky 2

I sure hope he keeps doing that if he is. In his last 10 games, he’s batting .425 with 4 HRs and 18 RBIs. I wouldn’t want him to change a thing he’s doing in the batter’s box.

Well I do too. I’m not complaining about how he’s hitting by any means.

It’s just something I’ve noticed that he does.