You build from the ground up...

The most disappointing thing to me in year 4 of the Coach B regime is the problems in the offensive line. When he got here he said a house without a solid foundation can’t stand and he’d start by building solid depth and talent up front. I never thought I’d see an OL in year four of his tenure look so poor…very surprising and disappointing.

All of that said, I thought we were a 7-5 or 6-6 team coming in and will stick with that. I had us 3-1 at this point so everything is on track from a personal expectations standpoint. I do really enjoy watching this bunch compete - Drew Morgan is my favorite Hog ever and I’ve been a fan since 1979. The kid has guts and NEVER quits. Very proud of his effort as well as many others on team. For the most part we play very hard.

I believe the online will be fine. CBB recruited a couple of 4 star Olinemen that were never as good as he thought. That happens.

Misses on OL recruitment are hurting no doubt. We cold not have better place breather than this coming weekend. No one has a match A&M physicality on the DL. This season I never expected to see breakaway runs as we saw last night.

I can’t help but wonder about all the scholarships we have recently used on Tight Ends, if possibly a Safety or another Linebacker could have been signed.

Excellent question 9. I’m not much of a second guessed but that has crossed my mind.