Yor Anei

Senor RD I hope you are over last nights loss. Have you heard any buzz with Yor, the SMU/OSU transfer?

He’s one to watch.


Id be happy with this RD. He has alot of potential. Anyone else to watch right now or he is the guy of the week?

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He is a solid big fellow, inside man for sure. Gets rebounds and appears he is an intimidator and will get his blocks.

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Got more vowels than consonants in his name. Thus he is destined for greatness.


Would be a solid addition for frontcourt depth. A nice backup 5 to both Connor and Jaylin.

What chance does Arkansas have with him?

Any new info on this kid? Looks like he could be a nice addition.

From what I have seen Mr. Anei is the only transfer on the Senor Davenport “one to watch” list at the moment unless he has another name or two up his sleeve that he has to keep secret.

I don’t know what Kamani’s status with the team is at this point, but I would like to see Muss put next year’s roster to bed soon. It’s getting pretty late in the process by now. If Muss doesn’t think he can add quality depth for next year, I think he can bank a scholarship for next year’s monster class. And that might not be a bad thing. Pretty sure the starters are already set, and they look pretty damn good to me. Go Hogs!

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