Yippee! No Perry Costello in Fayetteville for the Super

I don’t know who we are getting to call our games in Fayetteville, but I know who we aren’t.

The link below is the group of 32 Umpires - and 7 (?) alternates for this weekend’s Supers. Notably absent on that list is Mr. Costello, well know screwer of the Hogs in Supers/World Series past.

When I saw him calling a Regional (forget which one) last week, I was afraid we’d draw him again this weekend. Glad to know that won’t be the case.

The list does not include their assignments for this weekend, although I’m sure that information is out there somewhere, by now.

https://ncaabaseball.arbitersports.com/ … ionals.pdf

Costello was the umpire at Ole Miss last weekend.

They are saving him for Omaha

He made some bad calls both ways! But he is consistently horrible against our hogs! I keep wondering why they don’t fire him!

Anytime an umpire is bad enough to cause a national pundit to remark about him “that strike zone was Perry Costello bad”, you know that he is awful. Oh and the remark was several years later.

Don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or serious.

I will admit that I don’t know, for sure . . . but I’d think the CWS crews will come from the pool that are doing the Supers. Would make sense that these are the best, as judged by merit, this season. As such, would then be logical for the ones who grade out best during the Supers to get the Nod for Omaha.

I don’t think they really grade anything after seeing the horrible calling during regional play! Ole Miss lost a run at the plate where the idiot called a runner safe when the tag happened 3 feet before the runner touched home plate. Strike zone being called like Stevie Wonder was behind the plate. Announcers at several sites made those comments.
Obstruction by a catcher set up in the baseline blocking the plate should have been called at several sites and never was.
Georgia lost a run where the runner should have just plowed over the catcher! The rule has accomplished nothing. The catcher has been getting by with blocking the plate.

I really hope I was being sarcastic…

Well . . . so much for that misconception on my part.

[color=#0000FF]“Winters worked a regional at Stanford University this year but, because he was assigned to the CWS, did not have to work a super regional. It gave him some rare early-summer family time with wife Amy and daughters Abgail (4) and Mia (3).”[/color]

http://www.sj-r.com/sports/20170617/spr … rld-series

So, apparently, Umpires selected to work in the CWS are not necessarily working the Supers. Which makes it likely Costello will be in Omaha, after all.