Yikes, Bobby Portis

Again, it was speculation, I think fair speculation, based on information from one of the two most-reputable news breakers in the NBA. Shams has (had?) been extremely accurate and Bobby ‘cheap shotting’ someone absolutely would impact his future.

It is interesting because it seems like Mirotic provoked it, but Bobby was the only guy suspended. Have ESPN’s The Jump on in the background and Pippen and McGrady both were shocked by the situation and said they’d never seen anything like it, to that degree, during their time in the league. Pippen is obviously still tied into the Bulls and said this was an escalation of what has been an ongoing feud between the two for a while.

I wasn’t around when Bobby was here, but from everything I’ve heard, he’s a great guy and this is out of character for him. Which makes this sad and unfortunate, because this is something that will undoubtedly follow him around.

I’d say JC was pretty accurate so far, 8 game suspension is 1/10th of the season, impacts him big time now in terms of cash flow, and since it appears the Bulls have suspended him and not the NBA who knows what the future holds, as I assume they hold him at fault?

It might be good for Bobby in the long run, if it gets him away from the train wreck that is and will be the Bulls. He’s still a young, developing player who has demonstrated enough skills to stay in the NBA. He might well benefit from one more year where he was a bit lower in the rotation but on a better team where he would have a better chance to develop enough to earn that second contract.

Perhaps Bobby took some advice that he needed to fight his way out of the situation too literally. I kid, I think.

That’s actually a good point. The Bulls have one of the cheaper, low-end front offices in the league and while it looks like Hoiberg is finally getting to run his stuff, they’re a long way from competing. They could lose 65 games this year.

Bobby isn’t a star or even a starter on a good team, but he is talented enough to get a second contract in the league. Hopefully he winds up in a good situation.

This story in the Tribune has some good info on the Bulls and Portis.

http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ba … story.html

It says that Hoiberg (sp?) prefers a 4 that is primarily a 3 point shooter, so Mirotic and another guy (Markkakan) probably fit that role better than Portis, so it was beginning to look like Portis was the odd man out.

Also says though, that Portis is well liked and respected for his work ethic and was rewarded for that by getting the start at the first of the preseason.

Interesting that Sidney Moncrief said last summer in an interview that he really likes Portis as a player, and he doesn’t understand why they’re trying to make him into a 3 point shooter because he is best around the basket and could be a good NBA player if allowed to play that way.

Maybe another team would be a better fit for Bobby.

Sounds like Portis & Mirotic weren’t the best of friends anyway, this being a long standing competitive feud between the two.

Markannen was the seventh pick and was one of the best shooters in college basketball history for his size last year. He’ll definitely get minutes. The Bulls just paid Mirotic, who regressed last year. But he can do some stuff.

A lot of NBA teams want stretch bigs and will either play them or go small and play a wing at the 4. Bobby is actually a good shooter for a big (33.3 from 3 last year), but not as good as the other two. He also isn’t really a rim protector or athletic enough to play the 5 for big minutes and the Bulls have Lopez and Felicio there anyway.

It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Here is a good article explaining the issues surrounding the Bulls & Portis.

https://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/bul … h-mirotic/

Here’s more to the story…

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://thebiglead.com/2017/10/18/nikola … g-punched/”>http://thebiglead.com/2017/10/18/nikola-mirotic-was-the-aggressor-charged-at-bobby-portis-multiple-times-before-getting-punched/</LINK_TEXT>

I think he was overly speculative. Jimmy is great. Love his stuff. But that was premature, as reflected by the new info that is out. I think Jimmy would admit that.

But, beyond that, Portis’ contract makes him attractive for a rebuilding team. That 4th year is cheap.

Really, a lot of it probably depends upon what they think about Portis.

If they really (as they’ve stated) think he is a good guy who has been working hard and improving, they’re not likely to dump him because he snapped on a guy who had been messing them.

Portis should get a chance to put this behind him, soon. The way to do that is to, from this point, be a good teammate, work hard and expand his game.

We’ll have to agree to disagree. Based on the information presented, I think what I speculated was very much a possibility.

If you want to say I shouldn’t have speculated based off what Shams reported, OK, but he’s one of the most reputable guys in the league and I was thinking out loud via message board. Shams went back and changed his wording later from cheap shot to surprise, a subtle acknowledgement that his original language was too harsh.

Obviously you’re entitled to your opinion. I do appreciate the compliment about my work.

Comments: Mr Portis will be okay, whether he is playing for the Bulls or somewhere else.The problem is Hoiberg, I’m surprised he is still coaching in the NBA especially the Bulls a couple of seasons back it was reported he was on his way out. This altercation in the bigger scheme of life’s situations are minor. I will never criticize any man standing his own ground, it appears Bobby is the man, as I understand this account both threw punches…go hawgs

Hoiberg is an interesting deal. You are absolutely right that his first few seasons were a disaster. He wanted to play fast and space the floor, but it was obvious and reported he didn’t have the respect of the locker room. His style wasn’t implemented. But the front office really hurt him last year by giving him a roster with Rondo, Wade and Butler. Hard to play how he wanted with 3 headstrong vets who aren’t really that great of shooters.

They’re going to be awful this year. Should be one of the 2-3 worst records in the league. But it’s interesting that this young roster is playing how he wants now. Moving the ball, unselfish play, lots of 3-pointers and spacing. They won’t win much, but the system looks like it’s finally there.

Yeah, BUT (knew that was coming didn’t you) will the front office be willing to let him draft the players for his system, or send him packing as soon as the season ends?

All true and fair. I just think it’s an example of of the type of internet karaoke that shapes opinions and storylines at warp speed these days. It’s hard to unring that bell.

Journalist 1 (who otherwise has a decent reputation but same say has a bit of a bias against Portis) essentially tweets that he’s a cheap shot thug.

Then, dozens of journalists run with it and wonder aloud whether Portis is toast and/or will be criminally prosecuted.

In a matter of a few hours, different, sourced articles then come out reflecting that Portis was probably repeatedly baited by a guy who many on the roster resent and dislike.

I get it. You were just wondering what might happen if the initial reports were true. I guess my overall point is that initial reports are increasingly suspect in this age of journalists rushing to be first and hoping they happen to br right.

That’s valid. Front offices can be fickle and you never know when an owner steps in and says enough. But he was GarPax’s hand-picked top candidate and they’re obviously trying to tank to get a high pick. I think he’ll stick around if they run the system and he shows more control now that some of the big, older personalities he clashed with are gone.

I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying here, but (just an observation) I have seen teams purposely tank to get a high pick, then fire everyone and rebuild with new coach and player.