Yikes! Assault on the Court


“Personal foul there against Platt.”

I was going to say I hope he had to walk home, but if that had been football, it would have been targeting and the review time would have been 0:00.5 seconds.

Surely he was ejected

I think I’ve read that he has been banned and booted.
Also that he is being looked at by a District Attorney for assault charges.

No place for this in sports. NONE.

this kid is a thug, and should be banned from ever playing basketball with any college in america. one of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen.

I dunno…pretty close…watch second base


ouch, another beyond dirty play. still think the basketball play was dirtier. could have broken that kids neck or jaw.

but neither play has any business in a sports contest. both players should be banned. bet their parents were proud.

Reply- you would be the first one to put a label on this kid, clearly his actions weren’t very smart. It could have been retaliation from an earlier offense created by the other kid (shooter). Regarding the other frame it appears to be equally as grievous, what are you missing there?

Not buying that sort of retaliation, if indeed it was.
Was a cheap shot any way you look at it that could have caused serious injury. As for the label, thug is generous.