Yet another reason to play home games at home!!

Can more than 70 be brought to the game, and then if a player is injured in warm-ups one of the extra 5 could suit up in his place prior to ko?

Only if no one knows about it, lol. Probably was plenty of players in the stands. Travel list is provided well beforehand I believe.

No, you can’t pull someone out of the stands.

Read Clay’s post about the 70 dressing out. You and others made assumptions which were wrong. That’s why I was critical.

Since you are so adamant about keeping games in LR…please tell me what advantages a LR game has for us. Why should we keep playing there? Serious question…

And if it’s for nostalgia, that’s a terrible answer.

Thanks Clay for the clarification.

Where did I say I was in favor of keeping games in LR?

More bad assumptions.

People were blaming the loss to Ole Miss on the venue in LR. Irrational and silly, as I said. We’ve got a team full of players that aren’t talented and don’t know how to win a football game. That’s why we lost.

I’m from LR. I don’t see a problem with playing an occasional game there. Yeah, I like WMS. I’m sort of nostalgic about it. But if it hurts our ability to compete, recruit and win, then don’t do it. Play them all in Fayetteville. Winning needs to be the utmost consideration. I’ve said that many times.

But Hunter Y. needs to make the call on that. Bear in mind, however, that a fractured fan base can hurt the team’s ability to win, just like bad talent and bad coaching. A fractured fan base hurts the overall program in many different ways.

There are negatives to playing in Little Rock. There are also positives. I think you have some of the same things going on with the trip to Arlington. Why play there every year, too? They both help in the recruitment of students as much as anything else. I do not think that all decisions are as easy as most of us think. Raising money and recruiting students to Fayetteville are important reasons for playing in Little Rock. I know that’s also why it’s important to play in Arlington.

As I have said before in another post it is absolutely ridiculous to be playing a conference game in Arlington every single year! Does anyone on this planet think Frank Broyles would have agreed to that? As long as A & M was in Big 12 it was fine but once they were admitted to SEC that should have changed immediately! Playing only 2 conference games at home next year is absolutely insane! Does anyone really think Alabama, LSU, Auburn, or even Vanderbilt would agree to that. I forgot to mention that all the above teams play ALL there home games at home, not at some outdated facility that needs to be abanded as far as UA is concerned. As long as we play at LR and a conference game at Arlington every year we will behind the stick no matter who the coach is INCLUDING NICK SABAN!

When current players and former players take to twitter and bash playing in Little Rock then I think it’s time for the people that make the decision to play in Little Rock to re think the idea. I may be older but I think WMS is run down. The play clock didn’t work the other night for the game. That shows just how much effort and preparation was put into getting ready for the game.
I don’t like playing conference games in Arlington or Little Rock. I also think it’s not a good idea to play the red white game in Little Rock. If games are too played in Little Rock keep a non conference game for the outdated facility.

Completely agree. We are all aware that Long made several mistakes as AD but the one he was correct on is getting rid of LR games. Until we do we will continue to suffer in football. The baseball and basketball teams both play 1 Non-Conference game each year football should do the same! Long wasn’t going to renew the LR contract after it expired this year!

You travel and stay in a hotel while on the road. You do the same for LR games.

I think if our Texas recruiting was suffering and we were no longer playing regularly in Texas, JFB absolutely would have tried to schedule games in DFW. And it’s better to have a neutral site game than a roadie at SMU or TCU. In fact, since the Southwest Classic contract was signed two months after JFB retired, I suspect strongly that he began the negotiations. It may have even been his idea. Once TAM changed leagues and expanded Kyle Field, they wanted out. We enforced the contract because we wanted that exposure.

My personal opinion is that if we continue to play neutral site games at Jerry World, it doesn’t need to be a conference game. And I do suspect we will continue to play there after the A&M series goes back to home and home.

This says otherwise. … 20Size.pdf

If that is correct, it says: “The squad size limit for neutral site games (no more than one game annually) is 70 eligible student-athletes for both participating teams.” I suppose Arkansas has been given an exemption to that “no more than one game annually” rule.?

Or the LR game is actually considered a home conf game therefore 80 players eligible to suit up.

My understanding is we can “travel” 80, but the extra 10 would be responsible for their own transportation, food, and lodging. So, in reality, we only bring 70.

I don’t think that’s what it says. Notice:
"The home team may dress all eligible student-athletes in uniform (in other words, 105), but only 80 student-athletes may participate in a Conference contest (these are the participating players). (The non-participating student-athletes (the other 25) shall dress out at no additional cost to the institution. Nonparticipating student-athletes shall not receive pre-game meals, overnight lodging or additional game tickets, but may receive a post-game meal provided the post-game meal is served at the stadium. No cash stipend may be provided to non-participating student-athletes for post-game meals away from the stadium.)

That’s my understanding, but may very well be wrong.

I agree with your interpretation.

We only traveled 70.