Yet another reason to play home games at home!!

For those wondering why he didn’t see game time when we were running low
on running backs.

per Chad Morris - Maleek Williams did not travel to the game in Little Rock.

If the game had been in Fayetteville, the HOME of the Razorbacks, he would
have been available.

Getting tired of the disadvantages of “road” game called a home game.

Too bad some still feel playing in LR is a good thing. But by all means, lets
keep doing whats best for the state and not necessarily whats best for the


Done with Little Rock. It is a competitive disadvantage.

So many assumptions. So much emotion. So little rational thinking.

Blame it all on Little Rock.

Silly. Plain silly.

So many assumptions? I stated ONE thing about the availability of a
player. Where is the “so many”? You are the one making assumptions.

Fact – he wasn’t there. Fact – he was needed. Fact – he would have
been available if we were at home?

Which part is irrational? Which part is silly? Emotional… why yes I am, as
I’m tired of playing with disadvantages to a team that are not created by
team composition or competition but rather by playing road games when
we could be playing home games. This includes the TA&M game now that
its conference as well. There should never be a season where the Hogs only
play 2 conference games at home, but next year its happening.

By all means I welcome discourse, but if all you got is waving your hand
and something and saying “pfft” please don’t waste your obviously precious
time, with us silly irrational folk.

It’s not beneficial to the team/program to play in Little Rock.

The players hate playing there, I know that for a fact.

It’s old, and just crappy to be honest.

You can’t dress out your team like you could in fayetteville.

It’s a lost recruiting weekend essentially. If you do have recruits there it’s unimpressive.

It’s embarrassing looking on tv.

Only thing that the program benefits from the Little Rock game is pleasing the Little Rock boosters, that’s it. It’s a negative in every other aspect.

Playing in LR will be used against us on the recruiting trail with every recruit except the ones that are from LR. WPS

Couldn’t agree more with the original post. What’s silly is to keep doing things that damage our team. It’s the definition of insanity really.

Whether they play there or not, one thing is a fact.

If you do, the SEC views it as a travel game and you can only take 70 players - same as you can to any road game

Since we’re the only SEC team to that still does play away in there home state, let’s get the rule changed.

Vote against that is going to be 13-1. Get real. They’re not going to change a rule that only benefits us.

why would you only take 3 running backs??? I would think that is the most likely position to get thin, that does not make sense to me. I wonder who they took instead of taking 4 running backs?

You don’t know unless that try.

They did take 4 - Boyd, Whaley, Hayden and Hammonds.

Hammonds was hurt before the game during warm ups.

where that makes more sense, I saw where he had an ankle tweaked, did not know when or where, assumed it was in practice.

Plus, they cant seem to get a play clock or score board clock to work properly in 25 YEARS!!! Unbelievable .

It’s the same for the Georgia-Florida in Jacksonville.

So it might be 11-3

This is a head scratcher for me, too. One would think the clock problem is an easy fix, especially with new scoreboards and video boards that have been installed in the not-so-distant past.

The clock system was one of many “short-term” needs listed by Arkansas in its PowerPoint presentation to the governor and trustees last October. There were three needs listed as “immediate.” From my 2017 article: … 0m-update/

— Improved WiFi and Distributed Antenna System connectivity at an estimated cost of $1.1 million to $3.25 million. According to documents, this is needed to improve cellphone usability throughout the stadium. It also would support an expected SEC rule change that would allow radio communication between quarterbacks and coaches, and the use of tablets on the sideline and in the locker room through fiber optics. The rule change is expected as early as next season, but more likely by 2019.

— Enhancements to broadcast TV infrastructure at a cost of between $250,000 and $500,000. This would address sky cam, lighting and power concerns for TV networks ESPN, CBS and SEC Network.

— An expanded locker room for game officials at a cost of $50,000 to $250,000. A document states the existing locker room is “inadequate” and space is needed for 11-12 officials each game.

And A&M in Arlington against Arkansas. Maybe 10-4, good buddy.

This is a wrong assumption. For SEC games, you dress 70 home or away. The SEC does not allow the home team to dress more for the game if you are at home. They do not allow that kind of advantage to any team. So if it was in Fayetteville, only 70 dress. Non-conference games are different. You can dress more for a home game.