Yesterday's football

Not having a Hog game allowed one to focus on watching football with limited focus on final scores and I really love the college game. While I have concerns with what impending changes might do to the game, that is not for this post.

Watching yesterday unfortunately pointed out many of the challenges our Hogs have going forward. I was wowed by the brute strength demonstrated in the Auburn-Georgia game and the speed and athletic abilities evident in the LSU-Ole Miss game. Saw Archie in the luxury box watching Plumee, wondering if he was looking at the next Archie?

We have been there and hopefully can be there again, but it was both fun to see talent on display and sad that we saw so little of it in Our uniforms.

Yeah when I watch the elite teams in the country play I am reminded we are so far away from competing with them on the line of scrimmage. The next coach whoever it may be will have an incredible amount of ground to make up.
I almost feel sorry for the new coach because I think it will take at least two years no matter who we bring in, just to get where we think we can have a legitimate shot at winning against the upper echelon teams.

I saw it on display in the Baylor-OU game too. Hard hitting, speed and athleticism. Even on Baylor’s team. Baylor plays defense. OU got down by 25 mainly due to first half turnovers and Hurts not playing well and Cee Dee Lamb being out. OU played power football the second half and just wore down Baylor’s defense. Impressive game. Great crowd in Waco.

The good thing is that things can be fixed and having SEC or experience at major level on the staff is critical. I do not know why the defense has not progressed this year based on collective SEC experience three of the defensive coaches have but I have some opinions (probably youth, lack speed and depth and coaches not being allowed to coach in some instances). The offense lacks even that experience and game planning and ability to make on fly adjustments are what makes the conference so good as most schools have talent (some more elite than others), facilities, fanbase support and money to be successful. The right coach and staff can make a rapid change but it takes time to get a pipeline of offensive linemen in place and everyone wants good defensive tackles and ends so recruiting for the lines has to be number one priority each year. Good thing is the SEC West is best so it is easy to know how you measure up. Better days are coming.

Which coach and their offensive scheme would be able to compete more quickly absent a physical offensive line?

Think it depends on who the head coach selects as the OL coach to large degree. The Ark line may have better potential next year due to experience , more time in weight room and several additions due to injury or having to sit out a year due to transfer rules. Portal and perhaps JC will offer some options.

I would say Kiffin , esp if his history with Pittman allows him get him to Ark.

Probably Leach. Although he likes really big lineman, which I do not think we have at the moment.

Agree. I really enjoyed watching several games yesterday. I looked at the physical nature of Auburn/GA and was sick at thinking how very, very far below that is our team. I did not see a team yesterday that I thought we could hold under 40 or hope to score over 15 on unless they let us. It is a crime at what has been allowed to happen to our program.

In CCM last PC he said the SEC is a LOS league. Really? You just now realizing that? Whoever comes in better get some men that have size and can move and they better do it fast.

Agree - Air Raid

Rich Rodriguez has Ole Miss’s offense ginning and they can’t really pass the football. He could really do well with Burks, Knox and Henry. What kind of a recruiter is he? Does anybody know?

CCM may have survived another year if he had put together a quality coaching staff that understood the SEC. You will not win in the SEC on offensive and defensive schemes you need players and technique in the /SEC

You need studs and there were lot on display from the SEC yesterday.

Will take Jimmies and Joes over x’s and o’s any day.

Rich Rodriguez runs a run-first offense and has since he was at Glenville State in the early 1990s. Everything revolves around the zone-read option.