Yes the sun came up

sun came up this morning, so i guess it wasn’t the end of the world. as an arkansas football fan, however, the future looks bleak. light at the end of the tunnel, still black as night from observing what i saw last night.


I am sure everyone saw Chavis and Cooper having a heated exchange on sidelines. After reading what the San Jose QB said about focusing on our safeties, pretty obvious we have both a coaching and personel problem back there.

Defense has a problem period. Scheme, players, I am not a coach but my eyes don’t lie. It is just pitiful. surely we have better players than San Jose State. Morris worried pregame about intensity? It is up to coaches to get players ready to play. The defensive coordinator for them plain out coached Craddock and company, i was impressed with his game plan. Same thing on defensive side of ball, their offensive coordinator just took Chavis and company to school. Add in they just whipped us physically.

Who was the player that said we need to act like an SEC team, beat them 73 or 173 to nothing. If i were a coach and heard that might be a clue players were looking ahead. And i might be giving my team a stern warning on providing ammunition for the other team. We have no right to spout off about anything when it comes to Arkansas football.

Ty Clary, lauded last week for his play, just can’t get the nightmare play where he was pushed 4 or 5 yards into our backfield, might have been a short yardage play, needless to say the play went for naught.

Offensive line was pitiful as usual. Jackson being out hurt, but wouldn’t have mattered. Every player we put in on the offensive line had a sub par game. We supposedly have numbers, are they the right numbers. Can this assistant coach get them to play at least average. once again, the most disturbing thing about this game is they just got whipped physically.

We are done with the easy part of schedule. Now it gets tough. Think Auburn, A&M, Bama, MSU, Missouri licking their chops. At this rate someone is going to hang 70 on us unless their coach has some sympathy for Morris and staff.

Only area i see improvement is in the wide out position. Even though he threw 5 interceptions Starkel is our best qb on campus right now. Saving Jefferson i guess. Watched the MSU/Kentucky game, how is it MSU can win and look good with a Freshman QB. Maybe he is coached. And Moorhead made tough decisions not to start the heir apparent, and now has switched from the transfer he brought in from Penn State, to a freshman QB. This is not a call to start ours, but apparently the coaches at MSU are better than ours at getting players ready.

Lastly, i am just disgusted with Arkansas football. I am openly questioning whether we have the right coaches. Malzahn let his good friend Lashley go to take over play calling. Tough decision but one he thought needed to be made. Chavis, well our defense has been pitiful for years. What to do there who knows. No-one will even tell us what his contract is.
If Morris wants to keep his job he’s going to have to make some tough decisions. Everyone lauds our recruiting, and it was good for Arkansas last year, but still way down the totem pole on the SEC scale. Apparently we can’t coach them up as other teams. I am in the i will believe it when i see it camp. lets dance up a storm on beating a mountain west opponent. If that had beed Saban he would have been irate at having to score in the 4th quarter to beat a team like that. But hey, they whipped us last year. We have sunk so low it is just mind boggling. i blame Jeff Long. And John White for our basketball demise. Time for our athletic director to get in someones face.

It was Grant Morgan that said he wanted to win 173-0.

And San Jose State trolled him on social media.

One in a long line of embarrassments from a PR standpoint.

Now we have a player suspended for the first four games going on Twitter and criticizing fans for not believing in them… mercy

It did, but it is the darkest time in our once storied history.

When the fan base accepts 2-10 seasons as part of rebuilding — bearing in mind with losses to NTSU and SJSU — it is the demise and death of Razorback football as we knew it. Hard to accept, but i’m afraid it’s true.