Yes, great comeback in spite of the refs

Maybe that bad call gave us a little spark. Big comeback time!

This last was aginst Mosses was horrible too Maybe Barry will miss

We had better be on REFS early on Saturday!!! BOOOOOOO!!!

Comments: this is what I really dislike about the SEC regarding the favoritism they (the media / refs) show towards the little darling teams. The reality is Arkansas has nothing coming for as they are concern, when you come on their home court you got to be tough enough to play through all of the trappings. This is something it appears Mike hasn’t learned yet from his mentor Nolan , it’s us against the world/SEC teams and Refs.

And another thought I really like Kingsley’s play and I like to believe we still haven’t seen his best ball playing yet this season. Regardless he has got to learn to play through terrible calls from the refs. It first happened in Minnesota, again at OSU and down there in swamp land gator country Florida

Blatantly bad blocking calls on Kingsley and Thomas when we had a chance in last few minutes. Not even close.

There were a lot of head scratching on my part. Refs are supposed to get evaluated but who the heck does the evaluations? Some of those calls with under 5 to play were just designed to stop the flow in my opinion. Horrible.

Probably the evaluators are former refs themselves and are therefore blind and/or incompetent anyway. So, how can they evaluate properly?

The two calls on Kingsley that were actually fouls on UF were killer. They were at least a 5-point swing that put Kingsley in foul trouble. That game is tight down the stretch if you reverse those two calls.