Yes, D coord must go. But how do we recruit top SEC talent?

We as a program and Administration have to figure out how we overcome clear recruiting disadvantages and recruit top SEC talent to the program.

We don’t have built in recruiting advantages of 70 percent of top SEC teams.

So how do we as a program ever get to the top?

Must it always be by smoke and mirrors against superior talent?

That’s pretty much how it has been when they have been successful here.

They have more players now on this roster with offers from Alabama and LSU, but not enough the talent gap there has been

If we have to spend 5 times other SEC budgets on recruiting we have to do it - anything within the law and ncaa.

Or we have to consider a lesser conference or stay where we are doing the same thing hoping for different results.

This isn’t all a coaching thing over the years at all.

As if Knute Rockne could overcome our recruiting disadvantages.

None of the best coaches can which is why we are not a destination for the best coaches.

We have to address the pink elephant in the room and admit our disadvantages in recruiting top talent or we will never have a plan to overcome.

If we want to hope for 8 or 9 wins and are satisfied when lucky to have, we have to recognize that is unacceptable to 70 percen of our conference.

Charlie Strong???