Year 5 wow

Laughing stock of the SEC!! How is this ok for us to look this bad?

Your 3rd post. Go away, troll.

What part of what he said is wrong?

The truth hurts.

It doesn’t matter. I don’t like people who only come over to chortle at us.

Expect a lot of chortling. We stink.

The truth is hard sometimes but “stink” may be too kind.

3rd post lol I’ve been a member since I was a kid through my dad on Hawgs illustrated but I’m a troll because I don’t post all the time. People like you crack me up your graded on how big a fan you are by how many posts you’ve made. I’ve supported Brett this entire time but it’s time to open your eyes and see this product is not close to being competive in the SEC. But I’m a TROLL!!

Fools like that can’t make an argument so they resort to name calling. Frankly, whether I agree or not, I am far more impressed when people are able to state reasons for disagreeing with a post than I am when they only resort to name calling or insults.

I assure you there are MUCH more of us non-posting members on this board than there are of you all-knowing postaholics. It’s jerk responses like this that makes it easy for you to get that high post count on OUR board. Maybe you should try reading more & posting less. You owe the quiet young man an apology.

There are 4 or 5 poster’s who consider themselves the “troll” police – unfortunately, you were pulled over — please continue posting


They are out there just waiting to throw dirt

I hate the way the boards are now

Why the hell do these idiots think we can just pay 15 mill and all these great coaches are lining up!!

Remember when CBP crashed and who we had lined up??

No matter what u clowns think we are NOT a top 20 job

Small state no recruiting base
Fans who act like we are a few years from NC and just barely below Ala

LOL straight jackets for u all

Oh well hell then, we should just stop playing football at Arkansas then. We’ll never been any good. Can’t ever win. Can’t ever expect a good team. Let’s just give up.

I wanted CBB to be successful. I think in a lot of ways he’s been a good fit. But after year 5. he isn’t getting it done and when you pay someone the money like he makes it is completely fair to expect better than a .491 winning percentage after 5 years. In 5 more, if he went on a winning streak he’s still be lucky to get to .600.

I seriously believe if CBB could have kept his staff around from the first few years they would be a better team. They were trending upward. But he didn’t and he made some bad hires after. I base “bad hire” on our winning percentage since they were hired.

I’m just tired of people around here saying mediocrity is all we should ever expect.

We have the bad coaches lined up. How much better is that?

I feel sorry for people who give lots of money to support this program. This is the worst-case scenario. The football program is in collapse. The end of last season was only the beginning. All the efforts to turn things around in the offseason have fallen apart. Why? Why is the team disintegrating? It is unbelievable.


If you don’t expect this program to win, and be competitive, why are you paying for this forum, why are you going to games, watching games? Why do you care?


Are you really Jeff Long?


Not saying accept anything.

I want to win the damn National Championship!!

But i also know that for us to do that it will take a lot of what we have never had.

Having said that i don’t care who the coach is but what i dont want to do is change coaches every 3-4 years.

Yes he has been here 5 years but surely we ca agree that the 1st and really the second was not a real chance

If he can’t do better next year then bye bye